2270cc American

The 2270 “American” was developed in America, using American ingenuity, and dedication!

This 185HP 2270cc engine making 190 lb/ft of torque is the RAT 2270 engine is the #1 all time best selling engine for our program spanning the last two decades!

2270 American is outfitted with specially prepared LE 200+ cylinder heads, LN Engineering “Nickies” cylinders, coupled to CP istons, and Total Seal piston rings. This is the most potent 2270cc RAT street engine ever offered in standardized form, by adding options found in the Engine Wizard you can further outfit this engine to fit your needs, or desires.

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  • Requires exceptional exhaust system, not included, but costing $1,500.00+ to purchase.
  • Customer Core not required, add $2,000.00 for a core engine supplied by RAT
  • Complete Turnkey Base Price $19,500.00