2270 SS

  • The next generation of 2270 power, this engine began life as our  2270 SR, except equipped with RAT LE 200 cylinder heads, a different cam and more CR for even more power and drive-ability.
  • This engine packs 170HP with 175 lb/ft of torque.
  • Price includes Dyno optimization.
  • This engine IS NOT compatible with the stock EFI system! This engine requires headers that are not included within the price of the engine.

  • This is the “Aircooled Technology” “2270 Performer” base engine. Long ago this engine became our most powerful 2270 base engine for the 914 due to its super broad power band, RPM capability, monstrous torque and pure performance.Since the engine is only bored 2mm the longevity is superb and our stronger, lighter components that comprise it also help with longevity. The added 7.4mm of stroke adds super down low power and increases drivability enormously.

A few years ago we decided to work harder to make the medium displacement engine the wave of the future through efficiency. The main focus of this program was built around the very engine that you see here that has been developed, redeveloped, tested and retested literally hundreds of times. Since we have built so many of these engines we have completed them for nearly every climate and elevation and I have dozens of graphs for this particular engine that we can provide to you via email by request. I can literally make this engine do things that are unbelievable by the six cylinder enthusiast, but when he gets passed by one he doesn’t question my abilities any further!

The super strong point with this engine is that it thrives from high efficiency and nicely CNC ported LE 200 heads. Unlike our competitors, we do not base engines from used head castings but utilize brand new ones that are CNC ported and polished by Len Hoffman. The other keys to our recipe for this combination lie in the rod ratio, and piston design and the overall engine recipe. These aspects of this engine make it a reality to have very low oil consumption and quiet running while still making BIG HP AND TORQUE at pretty much any RPM level and at any load, power is available on demand at most any speed..

This engine, coupled with a set of RAT 44mm carburetors is a serious contender and has the capability of outperforming by leaps and bounds a stock 914/6 as well as many other six cylinder converted cars while staying simple, easy to work on and much cheaper. Remember that the stock 914/6 only made 110HP@5800 and 116@4200 TQ. Yes, this was a small 2.0 engine, but even the 2.4 six cylinder which is a whopping 100+ccs larger than our mildly tuned 2270 only made 165hp@6200 151TQ@4500 in “E” trim! The six cylinder is 100+ pounds heavier has two extra cylinders and higher static CR than our favorite 2270, yet the 2270SS outperforms that six cylinder. The 2270 is not a conversion engine and bolts right into your car with no headaches. It also doesn’t cost as much as a 911 engine to rebuild even in stock form. A 4 cylinder engine belongs in your engine bay, and this is the one for many people.

There is nothing better than a daily driver 4 that can drive to the track, beat the sixes and drive home without breaking.

The 2270 SS  is the definition of a true “Dual purpose” 914 engine that was designed to provide excellent power right up to 6,500 RPM with a rev capability of 7, 200 RPM. The engine has extreme low end grunt with its 170+ lb/ft of torque and revs crisp and clear straight to redline. In third gear this engine is a very powerful contender, but yet it is still capable of being driven by wives and girlfriends.

This engine can be further outfitted with our newest developments and options and even more longevity than the 80,000 miles we normally see can be achieved. The engine burns normal pump gas, idles smooth and sounds incredible in the driver’s seat. With our moderate static compression ratio we retain long life, cool temperatures and the need for a better cooling system, like our 914 “DTM” is not needed, however if it is used the engine will produce more HP through better efficiency. For an exhaust system, stock heater boxes cannot be retained and coupled with a Bursch Muffler, like the 2270SR. This engine requires a full header system like one of our RAT Street Headers or the RAT Super Header. The HP difference will be noted and we can tune the engine with that system to ensure maximum engine optimization is being accomplished.

With our dyno tuning you can rest assured that the engine will arrive in the best state of tune possible and producing its peak amount of power with its best settings for the desired RPM. Since we have done so many of these engines I have the tuning literally memorized for each version and most of the time can get this engine optimized in as few as 3 dyno power pulls. Please don’t think that this is a generic engine by my descriptions, because it’s far from that. We simply have dozens of proven ways to build this engine and the tuning is very simple due to the engine’s efficiency! It’s not generic by any means, its still built for you and your car specifically.

Just because the engine is making so much power don’t think that it is a gas guzzler. The average driver will see 25-28 MPG with this combo even with some spirited driving. This does vary a bit with engines specifically built for lower and higher elevations due to tuning. The engine doesn’t lose it’s life due to the extra power as well, but it does create so much power that it doesn’t need to be pushed hard at all on the street and many owner’s find themselves basically idling around with their foot only slightly on the throttle.

Each of these engines is balanced much better than stock to a tolerance of “Intermediate”, (Race Balance optional) and benefits from all the same procedures as our larger more powerful engines, even dyno tuning. This engine is best if built from a customer’s 1.7, 1.8 or 2.0 core, or even supply a core if need be.

If you want the best mix of all the normal desires, you have found it with the 2270 SS.

Here is an excerpt from a customer’s email with a good observation of the way the engine makes its power.

You start the engine, select the gear and engage the clutch. As you slip through traffic the car is perfectly docile and smooth. Now you come to a freeway on ramp and decide to test the cars acceleration for safe entry into high- speed traffic. As you step on the accelerator the engine passes through about 3,000 Rpms and the heads start to flow and the camshaft starts to take effect and you feel the marvelously satisfying surge of power offered by the MassIVe Type IV engine as produced by Jake Raby!

  • Customer Core required. If no core, add $2,500.00
  • Sold complete, but not including exhaust system
  • Price – $24,250.00