2913 XR

 The 2913 XR is comprised of 100% USA MADE performance components. 

  • 2.9 liters, 250HP on pump gas with 240 lb/ft of torque. The 2,913cc engine combination currently holds the Aircooled Technology record for the most “All Motor” street power weighing in at a whopping 284 HP on pump gas!!
  • At the Southeast Dyno Day in 2008 Beth Raby’s 79 Superbeetle convertible put down 195HP and 205 Lb/ Ft of torque at the rear wheels utilizing one of these engines, crushing everything in attendance!
  • This is a twin plug, EFI equipped engine making huge, reliable power with a power band from 1,500 clear to 6,500 RPM. 
  • This engine is big and its not for the faint of heart or those with shallow pockets. 
  • Outfitted with specially prepared LE 220+ cylinder heads this is the most potent RAT engine ever offered.
  • It may be large and make exceptional power, but it also drives great and can be daily driven without issues.
  • See the pricing tab for current *estimated cost*.
  • This is an exceptionally expensive engine. If your project has a budget at all, this engine probably isn’t for you.
  • FYI- I only build 1-2 of these engines per year, if you are in a hurry, this engine isn’t for you..

  • Fully Optioned, Dyno Proven with Electromotive PEFI, Twin plug heads, and all sub-systems.
  • This engine is built from 100% custom components and requires 200 cumulative hours to design, machine, assemble and tune.
  • Due to this we only dedicate enough time in our schedules to create two of these serious badasses per year.
  • Requires exceptional exhaust system, not included, but costing $3,000.00+ to purchase.
  • Customer Core required, if not add $2,000.00