912E Raby Special

Originally posted 4/4/2003, edited 11/1/10 to reflect the end of this engine’s service and its respectful 160,000 mile high mileage engine tear down. The new Raby 912E Special engine is now being offered for these wonderful Porsche automobiles that are often misunderstood and generally under-rated.
-Jake Raby

This version of the 912E specific engine was something that I designed for my own 912E. When I traded for my car, the engine was shot and so was the EFI. The stock EFI systems are getting older and older and I have never been a big fan of them so I decided to make an engine that could utilize a set of dual Weber carbs and get great fuel economy and deliver the power that I need to get where I’m going, and stay together on really long trips, as the 912E is my primary long distance driver car.

When I designed this engine I took a big gamble on the camshaft selection and dug through a lot of old masters from web cam till I found something that really struck my fancy and did what I wanted in my engine analyzing software. The engine had to be cool running, Had to be capable of being driven 500 miles without refueling or being shutdown, not require the use of an external oil cooling system, and HAD to be able to be patched up on the side of the road if need be in an odd emergency.

Being an engine builder I have found simplicity to be paramount in keeping a car on the road, so I chose to remove the factory EFI system from my engine and box it up for later. Initially the stock EFI was tossed and a set of dual Weber 44 IDFs were utilized in hopes of creating a very broad, nearly flat torque curve to move the weight of the 912E well with its tall gearing. Later three different programmable EFI systems would be applied to this engine over its 160,000 mile tour of duty.

This engine will utilize the factory heaterboxes and only requires a Bursch 4 into 2 into 1 exhaust system to breathe well. The engine does feature fully ported and polished heads with larger valves and profiled chambers and all new valve train hardware. The heads are the most important part of the 912E engine and they are not overlooked here!

The results of my design paid off, and I could not be more happy with my engine in my personal car, which was the first of this series. The engine gets driven very hard, and will see track days as well as long distance cruises. I have been able to successfully average 38 MPG with the engine in my 912E with a sustained speed of 85 MPH for 3 hours straight! it is absolutely phenomenal. The power of the engine is illustrated in the dyno charts found here, and is impressive to say the least. I have successfully taken my engine to 7,000 RPM several times in duels with other cars on the road, and have seen a top speed of 140 MPH (quite scary I might add ) The engine will pull from 40 MPH in 4th gear and has power everywhere. It’s peak torque is at 4,300 RPM and it absolutely loves to run that speed. If you choose our service for your 912E it will receive the best balance and blueprint work, and will receive a thorough workout on our dyno as well.

This engine has a broad powerband, idles great at 800-1000 RPM, and saw 6000 miles in its first 2 months of life, these were not easy miles as I drive everything I own as hard as I can. The engine only needs routine valve adjustments, and I have yet to sync my dual carbs. In general this is an all around great engine for the 912E, no matter what you are doing with the car, there is no better engine for a 912E, if there is I have not found it!!!! ]

If you want to know more about the 912E, feel free to email me, I have researched these engines and cars and noticed many things about them that I have never seen before on any Porsche.

* Customer core engines are a requirement for all 912E applications, as the core parts for these engines simply do not exist! *

This engine requires the use of dual twin-barrel carburetors or aftermarket EFI and will NOT run with the stock 912E electronic fuel injection.

As of this website update on 11/1/10 my 912E has a total of 162,000 miles on its engine that I built in 2002 and has been torn down for evaluation and updating for 2011 and beyond. See the “High Mileage Teardown” for a sample of how a Raby Engine looks after 8 years and 160,000 miles of hard service.

Jake Raby

Customer’s complete 912E specific core is REQUIRED for this build.

No core charge substitutions possible