Our current TURNKEY ENGINE backlog is:  12 Months. 

 One factor that is basically uncontrollable here is our backlog. Since the day I opened this facility I have had a backlog and with the increasing demand for what we do the backlog continues to astound me. I am amazed that we have had a backlog over 1 year before and constantly operate at 10-12 months at the present. We have sustained a 8 month wait since the second year we were open for business. 

Demand for what we are creating has never been greater and our end results have never been better.
With our competitors getting lazier and more focused on mass production and volume the amount of enthusiast that demand our work is always increasing.
Here we do not rush- I refuse to. You will not find clocks on the wall of our work areas, or even in our administration areas. Calendars are also not found here. Unlike other shops that work against the clock to do everything as quickly as possible, we do quite the opposite by taking the time required to do a job completely.

We work long hard hours and do so diligently to create the engines that we are tasked with. Because we only build 100% complete engines with great detail each engine ends up with 80-105 hours+ of combined time between myself and my assemblers to make a reality.

The backlog that we have generally worked to our advantage as well as the customer’s advantage. Since the process takes a while and most of our customers are building a car from scratch their processes will take an equal amount of time. This extra time allows for a well-planned engine and also time for extra money to be saved to take a bit of the pain out of opening the wallet so far, our work is not cheap and it’s not easy; so yes, we do charge for our dedication and level of precision.

Long story short, if you want the best engine money can buy- The process will take a while, so contact us, schedule your phone chat with me and get on the RAT wait list. Without being an active member of the wait list every day you are getting further from the most effective engine that your money can buy, created by the most dedicated team in the industry.

See our ordering, warranty and all other pages on this site for more detailed information.

One thing is for sure, do not wait until you “NEED” the engine to order it, order the engine early and have it on hand when you finish the car. Do this because we don’t rush, we won’t rush and won’t allow anyone to rush us. If you wait to order when you NEED the engine, you’ll have to wait for several months or I may have to tell you that we simply cannot accept the work. Be smart, plan ahead and remember that you can’t rush success, but you can rush failure.

Jake Raby