Later beetles 1968+

The latest craze is coming with modification of the “Super Beetle” it is called the German, or Euro look, and almost all these cars are equipped with large Type IV engines, Porsche brakes, Porsche Wheels and carbon fiber components. If you desire a car of this attitude, you definately need a MassIVe conversion engine stuffed into the engine bay, and one of our shrouds to go with it!

Not just “Super beetles” or “German lookers” can benefit from a TIV conversion. The later beetle is heavier than its relative, the early beetle, and can really use the added torque and power-band of a TIV engine.. No matter what look you are going for!

Our MassIVe DTM shroud coupled to any TIV engine and installed in a later beetle is a great thing. The shroud installs onto the engine quickly and easily. This is especially true if you opt for our deluxe kit with all new TI cooling parts and our water-jet cut sheet aluminum airsealing kit.

If your beetle is a 1968-70 you will only need 3 later model pieces (release bearing, clutch cross shaft, and a release bearing guide, all of which we sell in a kit just for this) to bolt the TIV engine to your current gearbox. If you have a post 1971 gearbox no conversion pieces are needed and the engine is a direct bolt up. Or you can opt for one of our conversion gearboxes that’s 100% set up for the TIV engine and is ready to install. This gives better fuel economy and better torque transfer with the now larger engine.

The installation of the engine into your vehicle is easy, it installs just like a standard Type 1 engine with dual carburetors and in most cases can be done in about the same amount of time.

Currently there are only a few exhaust systems for the TIV conversion. We are working on getting several of these imported and offering them as well. These exhaust systems do not incorporate standard heater boxes and fan shroud pressurized air for heat delivery are more difficult to arrange with a TIV conversion. The best method of updating your heating system is with a “Gas heater”.

These were original equipment on many VWs and we keep a few of them around to sell most of the time. The conversion engine will need to be fitted with Dual Carburetors, or a Fuel injection system that uses twin throttle bodies with hex bar linkage. The design of the shroud does not allow the use of a single carburetor. Single carburetors on large engines like the TIV have been proven to be inefficient, so this is not an issue with most conversion enthusiasts.

One of the best parts of our cooling system is that the engine does not look like a 911, or a TI, it looks like something many people have never seen, and that will separate you at car shows and events.

Of course, if you desire your conversion engine to be designed, balanced, blueprinted assembled and thoroughly dyno tested by a professional, then see our complete conversion engines on our sister site Do it all once and forget it!