Beetles – Introduction

The Beetle is perhaps has been the most widespread vehicle to house a Type IV engine conversion. Europeans have been doing it for over 20 years!. The Type IV bolts directly to the transaxle and even early vehicles rarely need any cutting of the engine bay. The beetle has a shorter input shaft and the TIV engine will require a modified flywheel to work correctly. It is easy to find and modify, we even sell them 100% ready to install. The conversion can be accomplished with one of our MassIVe DTM shrouds to convert to upright cooling. The Beetle is easy to convert, and it gives the car an entire new character, no more slow going up hills, and constant tinkering with small problems. With a TIV you can forget about needing 3rd gear for upgrades, since you will have nearly 100 stock HP, and un-believeable torque.

The beetle has always had a reputation for being slow, with a TIV conversion the car is totally changed and modern. It is hard to explain, and must be felt for anyone to ever believe the differences that it makes in every aspect of the vehicle.

In short if your beetle has a 12 volt transaxle you can install a Type IV really easily, especially when you opt for one of our MassIVe DTM conversions. With one of our complete engines found at We do all the small work to let you install the engine quick and easy.

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