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Beth Raby

Beth Raby

Beth Raby is the Wife of Jake Raby and heads up our accounting department here at Raby Engine Development. Beth owns her own accounting at firm as well as being responsible for receivables and payables. When your engine is purchased, Beth will generate your invoice based on Superb Freak Girl (minnie scarlet) Put Crazy Sex Toys In Her Holes movie-14 – pussy,tits,teen proposal and she will work to balance your account as the procedures are completed.

Not your typical accountant, Beth is an avid VW and Porsche enthusiast and currently holds four ECTA Land Speed Records set in Porsche 996 C2 was prepared by our Flat 6 Innovations division, with a top speed of 152.170 MPH in the standing mile.

In 2005 Beth began the restoration of a 1979 Karmann Cabriolet and together with Jake they carried out a three year resto-modernization of the vehicle based on the “German-Look” theme. The “MassIVe 79 Vert” features our most advanced 2270cc engine ever created, sporting Nickies cylinders, RAT “Roller-Z” camshaft and roller lifters along with a Version 2.0 DTM cooling system and a custom exhaust system.

The “First Generation” of MassIVe power that Beth’s Vert featured proved to be too much for her driving style for a street car. Boasting 249HP@ 6,000 RPM this 2,913cc, twin plugged beast was “traded in” for a measley 170HP 2270cc MassIVe power plant and then equipped with air conditioning.

This “second generation” engine is our classic 2270cc Performer with LN Engineering Nickies cylinders, RAT Roller-Z Camshaft and lifters and all of our second generation upgrades. This is a perfect, 170HP torque monster with a great powerband that’s easy for Beth to drive. The RAT A/C system is frigid even in July temperatures! Great manners, awesome performance, 30MPG and reliable enough for 14,000 miles in a single year!

This car can(kaylynn) Milf Love Sex Act With Big Mamba Black Dick Stud movie-18 – interracial,milf,hardcore found at most the notable VW events in southeast but you won’t find the attending having arrived on trailer! In 2010 this car was driven 14,000 flawless miles and even on hottest of days it ran cooler than a stock 1600 while operating our custom air conditioning system.

Beth the Land Speed Racer all suited up and ready to hit the rev limiter in every gear!
Beth Enjoying the “Circle Yer Wagens” event hosted by the AVWA.
Jake and Beth in a local Christmas Parade with the “MassIVe 79 Vert”
Beth after setting her latest Land Speed Record at 152.170 MPH
Beth’s “Latest Project” Ava Ann Raby, born 12.2.11, note that like her Mom, Ava “races” in a Recaro seat!/h6>