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From Jake:

Hello, Nice to meet you. I am glad to see that I have sparked your interest enough to click this link and try to find out more about the Aircooled Technology Engine Program. Please note that you have reached our engine division and that no individual parts information is available within this contact us link. Please see if you are interested only in Type 4 engine parts.

Please look over the pages on our site and extensively before emailing us with questions if possible. I have put literally thousands of hours into these sites and have created them to answer many of your questions. Our dedicated online forums (registration required) are there to help you;  are also a great place to learn about us and what we do as well. There you can talk with others all over the world that we have pleased and intrigued with our products and services. This creates a huge network of educated customers that know what they want. This educated customer base is what we really wish for because it helps all involved and will prove to you that my company is who you should deal with when looking for your custom engine.

FOR ALL PARTS QUESTIONS please see our forums or email Emails that are sent to an incorrect department will not be answered in a timely manner as they must be redirected by us.

At Raby’s Aircooled Technology, we believe in maintaining a good line of communication between the customer and the person responsible for creating the custom engine. After all this engine is being assembled specifically for you, your car and what YOU want it to do- so it only seems fit for us to treat you like this from the very beginning. Here, you will never be forced to talk to someone that is less than knowledgeable about our engines or services. We build a wide variety of engines for many applications, so broad questions are VERY difficult for us to answer because nothing we create is generic or universal.

You will notice that our method of communication is much different than the other guys. They don’t reply timely, never answer the phone or when they do you receive a rude interaction on most occasions. Will they treat your engine and your business the same way?

We do not have any set prices for our engines, as many factors go into determining each configuration. Every customer will receive the highest level of attention and we pledge a commitment to offer the latest and best there is to offer in aircooled precision performance. This costs us our lives and will cost you a degree of money; it will be worth it.

Remember, we are open to the public BY APPOINTMENT ONLY that must be arranged at least one week prior to your visit to our facility. Our facility isn’t like most and our determination and 100% of our focus is placed on the engines we are working to complete.
We love to give tours, and we’d love to meet you, but it must be done only by appointment. Our facility is the most advanced within the industry and due to that lots of visitors want to come see us, but thats just not possible. We require any visitor to be seriously interested in our products and services to schedule a tour.
Allow us to provide our services in the methods that we have worked hard to perfect.

Telephone contact details:

When you call or email, my General Manager, Jud Fink will more than likely be the person who answers, or replies to your email. Jud works with me directly and will be the person who sets you up with a phone appointment to speak to me about your dream engine. Do not expect to speak directly to me without a phone appointment; I’d love to but my current workload does not allow this.

Although prices can vastly differ from one build to another, If you email us wanting a price, (even a ballpark price) chances are that Jud will recommend that we set up a phone appointment directly with me so that I may discuss your options and to further ensure that you are fitted with the proper engine combination.  During this conversation I WILL give you a n EXACT price and delivery date for the engine that I feel you are best suited with. I will only do this during this conversation and not before because I want to communicate this with you 100% clearly and let you know what’s included. There will be no sales pitches, smooth talk or pressure during this phone consultation- we do not employ sales tactics.

When a customer schedules a phone conversation with me they will be able to speak directly about their engine for a 30 minute time period, if the customer decides to go further and we start an ordering process then the customer will be given the next steps in becoming a member of my wait list in a follow up email. More information about the order process can be found here in detail

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