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2012 has proven to be an amazing year already! With the birth of our new baby girl, Ava Ann Raby on 12.2.11 (Read more about Ava in the newsletter) to all the new and exciting things we are doing with our aircooled engine division the pace has never been faster!

Please feel free to contact us via email or phone with your questions concerning the contents of this newsletter.

  I greatly appreciate the purchasers of our products who made 2011 the best year on record for Raby Engine Development!

Jake Raby
Founder, President
Raby Engine Development 
In This Issue
The RAT Engine:
Technical Artlcle
Jake’s 356 Outlaw Update
Online Yard Sale
Type 4 Store Specials
Current Turn-Key Backlog
CS Vs Stock Bus Engine
The Latest Raby Development: Ava Ann Raby
The Plague Returns
LE and RS Cylinder Head Specials
Featured Ride- Terry Fisher’s 912E
2270 Vs. Stock 2.0 Performance Comparison

Unlimited Street East KILLER!


Troy Sellars of Kodak Tennessee currently holds the Unlimited Street East low ET & MPH records @ 6.14 ET & 120.30 MPH in the 1/8 mile!
In 2011 Aircooled Technology was the title sponsor for the series; but after Troy won all the races and prize money. Here we LOVE domination, so we decided to sponsor Troy in 2012!

Watch how this car hits second gear!

How Complete is a RAT Turn-Key?? See this video!

The End of an Era..
Aircooled Technology Engine Kits Discontinued..
As of 1 September 2011 all Aircooled Technology efforts are now being focused on Turn-Key engines and individual components. While extremely successful; the Engine Kit program proved to cannibalize the increasingly hard to find and produce quality components from the Turn-Key division. We have chosen to terminate the kit program from the product offerings for 2012 and beyond. After 12 years the program was put to bed with a flawless reputation.


Raby Engine Development and Joe Gibbs Racing have partnered to produce the ultimate in protection for your aircooled engine..


The result of two years of development this hi performance engine oil has previously only been available to the owners of Aircooled Technology Turn-Key engines. That all changes in late February 2012 as the formulation becomes available to the masses! Check out that Aircooled Technology seal of approval right on the Joe Gibbs label!

Featured Technical Article

Lately we have had an influx of enthusiasts who want to experience the assembly of their own engine. Unfortunately, many of these people have forgotten that assuming the role of engine builder comes with a responsibility that they must also assume. Remember that building your own engine is more than just bolting it together; the decisions related to component selection are also your responsibility.
 We refuse to remove this responsibility from the engine builder’s role and require all “Builders” to make their own decisions and design their own engine. You can’t say that you created it, unless you have also designed it!

Aircooled Technology Project Vehicle Updates

Here at Aircooled Technology, we are all VW and Porsche enthusiasts. Here are a few updates.

The 64′ Porsche 356 Outlaw

saw some significant changes in the build plan since our last newsletter! The Azure Blue paint was omitted in favor of a 2012 Porsche GT3 RS color “Grey-Black”.

A true “356RS

The 220HP, 2.4 Liter “Outlaw” engine is based on the MassIVe Type 4 platform and features Nickies cylinders, LE 200 cylinder heads, and 48mm Dellorto Carburetors.

Once complete this Outlaw is certainly going to turn heads and change the minds of those who spend thousands of dollars more to net 1/2 the torque and HP when using the 356 based engine Vs. the MassIVe 4. This vehicle will be the test bed for our bolt in RS FIVE transaxle. 220HP, a safe redline of over 7,200 and 200 lb/ft of torque and all with a focus on being a reliable daily driver. Awesome!

A color like no other!

At the present, all the paintwork is completed and the 356 has been taken to Murdock’s Auto Upholstery in Brevard North Carolina for a true “Outlaw” interior package!

Yes, its an Outlaw- Its suppose to piss off the purists! All they will see is a grey blur when the “356 RS” blows their doors off!


 On-Line Yard Sale

We have gathered too many goodies and its time to move them out. 
Here is a short list with some prices, email us for details.
* Type 4 Turbo Blow Through Kit- Never used, with Turbonetics Turbo, waste gate and blow off valve
* Type 2 “091” Transaxle highly modified
*LN Engineering 5.00″ 1.7/1.8 Race Rods (used)
*LN Engineering 1.7/1.8 Race Rods (billet, brand new)

*Solex 40 P11 Race Prepped Carburetors



Raby Engine Development

Aircooled Technology Division
47 Raby Drive
Cleveland, Georgia 30528


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Type 4 Store Specials!

Save 100.00 on 1.7 liter Rocker Arm sets! These are required when using 911 style valve adjusters to attain proper valve train geometry.

1.7 rocker set for use with 911 valve adjusters
We have a few more of the Hot VWs “All about Performance Engines #3” in stock at The Type 4 Store. This book covers the Aircooled Technology “Type 4 Torquer” in a detailed 18 page article.
All About VW Performance Engines #3 featuring ” The Type 4 Torquer!”

Current Turn-Key Engine Delivery Schedule

With the demand for Aircooled Technology engine packages being at an all time high, our backlogs are extensive. Remember that each engine is handcrafted and designed especially for the driver and vehicle that it will be applied to and NOTHING is generic. We do not work under time constraints here; in fact there are no clocks governing the schedules within the confines of our entire facility! (haste makes waste)
 If you plan to equip your project vehicle with an Aircooled Technology power plant be sure to enquire early and place your order at least 10 months prior to the target date for the completion of your vehicle. Unlike other companies, we work on-schedule and will state UP FRONT the realistic delivery date for your engine. Most others will state a 3 month delivery date and the engine is delivered months late! Not here! 
Get started today, a 2,500.00 deposit is all thats required to secure your slot in our build schedule. Two additional payments spanning the build period are standard procedure here as this breaks the purchase up over a period of months making it much easier to afford RAT Power!
We are now accepting orders for engines that will be delivered in February  2013 


 Aircooled Technology 
“Camper Special” 
Vs. Bone Stock 2.0 Bus Engine:
The Aircooled Technology Camper Special is the ONLY fully developed engine to choose for adventures in your 72-83 Bus or Vanagon! The “CS” Combo is known worldwide for it’s ability to perform, run cooler and last longer than anything else.

CS Vs. Stock 2 Liter Horsepower

From the Alps of Switzerland to the heat of the African Continent the “CS” has proven it’s self over the last 13 years and is now in it’s 6th generation of development!

CS Vs. Stock 2 Liter Torque

With a power band developed specifically for application in the 21st Century the CS brings new life to your vintage VW with the ability to cruise at higher speeds and the ability to ascend most any grade of less than 7% without gearing down! Sound unbelievable? Its true!


The Newest Raby Development!

Ava Ann Raby Born 12.2.11

The Raby family has grown! We are pleased to introduce Ava Ann Raby, Daughter of Jake and Beth Raby, born on December 2, 2011 weighing in at 7 lbs,7 oz. and 18.5″ long!

Ava Sporting Her REDLINE Attire!


Shortly after birth Ava was diagnosed with a spinal column birth defect. Only three hours after birth Ava was rushed to Egleston Children’s Hospital in Atlanta Georgia where the Doctors and Nurses performed a miraculous surgical procedure.

Ava @ 2 Months Old

After 10 days in the NICU at Egleston, Ava came home just before Christmas and today she is a healthy baby girl.

Ava and Daddy!


We are confident that in just a few short years that Ava will have her own tool box here at the shop! Something tells us that Ava will build her first car from spare parts and will have quite an obsession with old Porsches and VWs!


Resurrection Of The “Bluebonic Plague” 

The iconic “Bluebonic Plague” is the original Aircooled Technology test vehicle. This 1966 beetle single handedly assisted our team in the development of every “upright” Air-Cooled engine that we have ever developed.

Plague at Sacramento Bug O Rama after a flawless 3,450 mile trip across country in 2006! Avergae speed of 76MPH and average MPG of 24 with a 2270SS engine of 180HP!


 In 2006 the Plague was retired after a 3,450 mile trek across the USA to gather data for the Aircooled Technology “2270SS Engine Package following a build up article covered by Hot VWs Magazine (Type 4 Torquer). 
Jake and the plague got into some trouble in Colorado!


The plague getting a facelift and a new lease on life in 2012!
For six years the Plague had parts cannibalized from it and basically had died of old age and abuse. In 2012 we have resurrected the Plague and soon this beast will be back on the street and looking better than ever!  Stay tuned!

The plague getting a facelift and a new lease on life in 2012!
For six years the Plague had parts cannibalized from it and basically had died of old age and abuse. In 2012 we have resurrected the Plague and soon this beast will be back on the street and looking better than ever!  Stay tuned!

Plague’s 4th Gear Burnout @ 9,00 RPM!



Special Pricing on RS and LE Cylinder Heads!!!

Something that we rarely offer special pricing on is our cylinder heads, in fact it has been 3 years since any special offers have been extended on our LE cylinder head packages! These heads are prepared exclusively for us by Len Hoffman.

Now through February 29, 2012 we will offer heavily discounted prices on cylinder head packages. Quantities are limited as we are producing a special “early spring run” of cylinder heads that falls perfectly inline with those extra funds from tax time!

All orders must be received through the Type 4 Store  by midnight on 2.29.12 to be eligible for the insanely discounted prices. The run of cylinder heads will be produced during the month of March and delivered in early April 2012. Take advantage of these lower prices and quicker turn around times, we may never do this again! 

Featured Ride…..


Terry Fisher’s 1976 Porsche 912E is best described as a “time capsule”. Looking just as it did when it rolled off the showroom floor, we are very proud to have created the engine for this beautiful, rare Porsche!


In the performance department we utilized Terry’s original 76HP 912E engine as a basis for his new and revitalized 2056cc engine package. Using the stock L Jet EFI system we were able to add less than 80ccs of additional displacement while creating an additional 48HP over the stock rating! Thats a whopping 64% increase in performance all while retaining stock MPG, stock idle quality and a 100% stock appearing engine! With 124HP and 130 lb/ft of torque this 912E is a true pleasure to drive and the best part is; no one can tell that the engine has been modified, at all!

We’ll keep you up to date with Terry’s thoughts on the new engine as he gets some quality driving time in the upcoming spring driving season. I am sure his testimonial will be quite detailed! So far Terry has had this to say about his 912E:


“I had the car at Caffeine and Octane this morning and your engine was the hit of the show. Everyone was blown away by the craftsmanship. Thanks again for doing such a great job, Terry”




Performance Defined… A Look At Two Popular Aircooled Technology Engines:


 The RAT “2270SS Performer” Compared to the Stock Porsche 914 Offerings! Can we make the difference any more clear??


Enjoy reliable performance & excellent drivability for all Porsche 356, 912 and VW type 1/ early type II Applications!
 The 2270SS is the most developed engine available from Aircooled Technology. With 15 years of evolution this package has been applied to every Porsche and VW application imaginable. The 2270SS is literally “The Engine” that characterizes the Aircooled Technology Engine Program. Order yours today!