Flow Bench

Len Hoffman, our Cylinder Head Specialist had the following to say about the Flow Bench that he uses to complete our cylinder heads:

“The bench is built around Flow-Quik hardware and utilizes Flow-Quik digital acquisition software. Accurate and with repeatability to 1%! The hardware is capable of measuring as low as 7CFM and as high actual 350 actual CFM and will correct to 425CFM. The data acquisition automatically computes port velocities when port areas are entered and detailed comparisons of different ports is easy as the software computes the area under the curve of each test and will also set-up as many overlays as are entered.
Each test has space to log in details of port shape, valve seat and valve shapes, weather info, and notes relative to the test as well as the head tested. This keeps pertinent info organized and readily accessible for future reference, which makes R & D much easier as there’s less chance of losing info.
I designed the bench to allow for testing of both cylinders in one set-up. This makes port balancing a snap.
Because the bench has such sensitive repeatability a very accurate valve controller is needed to take advantage of this feature. The controller I designed meets this challenge and is accurate in controlling and reading valve positions to .0005″!” 
Len Hoffman

Len uses this Flow Bench as his aid to provide cylinder heads for our R&D program and also to verify cylinder heads prior to them being applied to Aircooled Technology Engines. Much like an Engine Dyno, the Flow Bench provides critical data that we can use as keys to unlock more efficiency and power than anyone else.