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This pic was taken in "the original aircooled technology workshop" in October of 2000 after Brent had just inducted another exploded part onto our "trophy shelf".Brent Winman was the other 50% of our workforce here at Aircooled Technology in the early days of the company. Brent became a part of our team in 1998 as a part time employee and  became a full time employee in 2000. Brent handles the whole of aircooled engine assembly, specializing in engines 2270cc and larger, he also machines and dyno tunes each of his engines to perfection and even straps them into their shipping crate for their destination to somewhere far far away.. Each member of our team must remain versatile, as every day creates challenges that we have not faced before. Brent's versatility is unbelievable; I have never given him a challenge that he could not meet!

Brent's passion for the aircooled VW is something that was born into him, as his father was a VW shop owner in the early days. He is very experienced with all aspects of the VW in general, he is an excellent wiring technician, and he has done more than his share of VW restorations. Brent's area of specialty by far is in the engine building department. He has the experience needed to detect flaws in part quality and clearance issues. He is the sole assembler of all of the performance tuned Type IV engines that pass through our doors. He has been with these engines through their greatest changes and development here and applies the things we learn from each one into the next. Perhaps Brent's greatest asset is attention to detail, the one thing that separates an engine builder from a technician.

Brent has several VWs and most recently finished a 5 year restoration of his 1964 Karmann Ghia. This car is 100% immaculate right down to the details that cannot even be seen. Brent's attention to detail was noticed by the folks at Hot VWs magazine, and  Brent's Ghia gracing their pages in 2004 with it's beautiful Gulf Blue paint, and body work that looks better than it did in 1964.

Another of Brent's VWs is a 1972 Westfalia camper, which he restored in 1988. The quality of his restoration skills still shows through as he places and sometimes wins VW events with his bus. The bus has our very first "Camper special" 2000 cc Type IV engine installed into it and has proven to be an excellent power plant for his style of cruising and going on long road trips since 2000! This was the first of hundreds of "CS" engines that have become legendary performers for our company brand. Heck, Brent even named the engine "Camper Special" and it has been known as that every since! Brent assembled his own engine, and it sports a pair of EMPI HPMX 40 Carburetors. The engine runs cool and has more than enough power to get Brent where he wants to go.

Brent learned about VWs the best way; from breaking parts and making mistakes. He is an integral part of our quality products and would be impossible to replace. From time to time customers question the fact that Brent assembled their engine. I simply reply that he is the ONLY person I would ever want to build an engine for one of my personal cars, and that in in many ways his experience surpasses mine.

Together we check each other's work and work as a team on many projects, thus increasing the chances of mistakes being caught by trained eyes. I am not an easy person to work for, as I push everything and every body to the limits just like I do the engines that bear our names. Brent has never disappointed me, and you won't be disappointed that he has been an integral part of your dream engine- We'll guarantee it.

Brent's Story

Here is a story written by Brent about his VW past. He doesn't ramble as much as I do, but just like me he was able to learn from these engines from a very early age and has never given up!

I started working on Volkswagens in 1973 at age 10. I grew up living in the sand hills of Florida where a bicycle didn't do anyone much good. I wanted something more than a bicycle to get around on since most of my friends lived at least two miles away.

My Dad had always been a mechanic, he joined the Navy in WWII and earned the rank of machinist mate first class. After the war my dad worked for many companies to include Pontiac, Chrysler and Ford. My dad was very good at what he did and gained countless awards and commendations from his employers. My dad quit Chrysler in 1974 to start a backyard repair shop called "Charlies Volkswagen service" in Floral City Florida. My dad was a very swift individual and in 1974 he saw the gas lines, and price increases for fuel coming months ahead of time. By the time that gas prices were climbing 2-5 cents a day and the big inefficient V8s were getting parked my dad was already replacing those cars with Volkswagens!


My dad made the best of this opportunity and set off to find every VW he could. I can remember riding around in a home made wrecker with a hand winch picking up Volkswagens to bring back to life and sell. Within just days my Dad, my brother Darrell and I had collected 30 cars and 150 engines. The VW's sold fast and people were happy. My dad was a well known and well liked mechanic, so much so that people would travel from far away to have him work on their car. They did this because he was good, honest and they knew that he would fix their car truthfully.

My dad passed away in 1979 and I tried to keep the business going, even after a terrible fire that burned it down in 1981.Time moved on and so did I. I felt like I owed it to my dad to use what he had taught me, so I decided to be the best mechanic I could possibly be until the day that I die. I have turned a wrench every day of my life...... I sometimes lie in bed and think about what I have done today, what I will do tomorrow and what Jake will dream up for me next.

The answer is "NO - I do NOT know everything there is to know about a Volkswagen even after almost 40 years of trying. I feel that any man that says he does is either a fool or a liar!"