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The RS Heads are a new offering for 2010. These heads have altered ports that are shaped by Len Hoffman to create an awesome set of heads for the medium displacement engines that are so popular today. Created as a lower cost offering to that of the "LE" series heads these RS heads are perfectly fitted to 2 liter- 2270cc engines where torque and usable Horse Power at lower engine speeds are most desired. The ports of the RS heads are specifically designed to boost operation in the mid-lift zone and due to that the camshafts used with these heads are specifically set up to compliment this characteristic and are sold with to create a complete package. We have used these heads on 2056cc engines producing up to 130HP as well as high torque 2270 engines offering up to 150HP of output with gobs of down low torque, drive-ability and an awesome RPM range.

The standard RS head does not come with relocated plugs, the RS+ heads offer these same ports as the RS, but couple a spark plug relocation to further compliment the engine's efficiency. If you'd like to learn more about the RS+ check it out on the menu on the left side of your screen.
ALL CYLINDER HEADS BASED FROM 100% NEW HEAD CASTINGS! WE DO NOT "REBUILD" ANY 30 YEAR OLD CYLINDER HEADS! All heads feature our pedigreed "no drop seat" upgrades along with the highest quality valves, springs, retainers, guides and hardware. We literally "Rebuild" brand new cylinder heads to meet our expectations! For more general information about our Type 4 cylinder head product line please see the "General cylinder head information pages".

Frequently asked questions about these heads, answered:

The RS Heads are compatible with stock D and L Jetronic EFI systems when used on engines up to, but not exceeding 2056cc.
The RS WILL NOT work well with otherwise 100% stock engines.
The RS Does NOT work well with stock camshafts.
The RS is NOT available for original 1700cc engines that have RETAINED THEIR 90mm bore size.
The RS is NOT recommended for engines larger than 2270cc that need to make power past 5,500 RPM.
The RS has benefited from valve seat upgrades to eliminate dropped valve seats and related issues.
The RS does NOT utilize the stock head gaskets as original. These heads are set up to eliminate issues with these gaskets, per the VW Bulletin released in 1981.
The RS would be considered the best cylinder head for engines of 2,056-2,270ccs where hi torque is desired with a loss of upper end HP not being a concern.
The RS features slightly modified intake and exhaust ports that benefit from "Bowl cuts" under their valve seats to help with port flow. The ports are then fully ported by hand, the result is a great flowing cylinder head for "Medium performance engines.
The RS is the best arrangement for applications where port velocity is still a key ingredient to the engine's power band, coupled to increased port flow assisting with a broadening of the engine's RPM range.

As with all of our cylinder heads the RS receives the best components and labor that can be supplied. All our cylinder heads feature updated valve seats, guides, springs and retainers and are sold 100% complete and ready to install onto your Type 4 engine. Please note that rocker arm assemblies and valve covers are not supplied with our cylinder heads, but they are available separately through our retail store.
Technical specifications for the RAT CS cylinder heads:
Head casting type- NEW 1.8/ 2.0L Bus castings
Combustion chamber shape- 1.8/ 2.0L bus, non modified
Combustion chamber volume- 50cc+/- for 2.0 castings
Spark plug location- original 1.7/ 1.8/ 2.0 location, plugs are NOT relocated as with our "RS+" and "Leading edge" offerings.
Valve sizes- 42mm Intake/ 36mm Exhaust
Port work- Fully hand ported
Valve type- Stainless Steel
Valve Springs- RAT single heavy duty. Will control valves to 6,250 RPM +/- dependant upon camshaft and valve train mass. Dual Springs optional
Retainers- Chromoly steel
Intake manifold pattern- original 4 stud pattern, no alterations made. Port matched manifolds are not included in the price. Installer is responsible for port matching manifolds.
If you would like to learn more about the RS cylinder heads please follow this link to our retail store where you may submit a question about this component, or add it to your cart or wish list for immediate or future purchase.
Keep in mind that all cylinder heads are sold per PAIR, meaning two heads or enough to supply one full engine project.
Please note that most cylinder heads are not kept in stock. Please allow 8-12 weeks for most cylinder head orders to be completed .
Good components take time to create, and cylinder heads can't be rushed through their processes- we refuse to allow the calendar get in our way of offering the best cylinder heads for the Type 4 engine!
All cylinder head orders MUST be paid for in full at the time of the order. (up front)

Jake Raby
"Excellence in Research"