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  • The classic AX combo has now been standardized and is the only programmable EFI equipped engine available for the Porsche 914 application.
  • This engine includes EFI and all the components necessary to create 210 real HP with up to 200 lb/ft of torque.
  • This engine operates on pump gas, or race gas. This engine is expensive, doesn't last forever and isn't the answer for your daily driver! 
  • This engine optimizes with a full header system (not included) and can NOT use stock heater boxes.
  • Price includes Dyno optimization.



This is the original version of the engine that we created especially for the more demanding 914 driver that likes a better performing “Dual Purpose” engine/car - It’s the 2316 and it is very fun to drive.

This engine is built with performance in mind. We did not go to extremes when designing it to have great fuel economy, or a 100,000 mile life span. This engine is for the 914 driver that likes torque as well as high RPM capability as it will spin to 7,500 RPM easily.

The 914 needs torque to get up and moving, but to really perform better at any level it needs added RPM power. This engine has that and plenty of it.  On many occasions just taking someone for a ride in my own 914 equipped with this engine was enough to sell them on the 2316 combination for their own 914, in fact everyone who rode in my old 914 with this engine installed, purchased this engine.

The 2316 has been refined many times since this early edition of its creation and has progressively gotten better and better. The powerband of this engine comes on hard at around 4,000 RPM and shoots quickly to redline at 7,500. With our severe duty valve train retain valve control to 8,000 RPM and make monstrous track engines that are still street drivable on pump gas. This engine has incredible midrange and top end power and coupled with the 914 gearbox it can achieve 100MPH in just 3rd gear with stock gearing! With its shorter rods and longer stroke this engine spins up fast and achieves RPM incredibly. The cylinder heads (LE 200) that we have designed to work with this engine match it perfectly and have high port velocities that also promote rapid acceleration while allowing for smooth power transitions on the street.

The demand this engine has for exhaust is high and a normal set of heater boxes won’t cut it! This engine must use headers and we highly recommend the RAT Super Header to compliment this combination as it was used with great results on the most recent 2316cc offerings. If this engine is not outfitted with good exhaust expect drastic power drops and hotter running temperatures- not good. This engine requires an effective header system-period and the cheap generic systems won't cut it.

Speaking of HP keep this in mind. The Six cylinder 911”SC” us-49 state engine produced 180HP@5500 and 175Lb/Ft of torque @4200RPM! This SIX cylinder engine is heavier than your 4 cylinder 2316 that make MORE HP and Torque for LESS MONEY, with LESS WEIGHT and MORE simplicity! The best part is not needing any "conversion" for the 2316cc engine to bolt right into your 914.

If you want a more powerful engine that still has a 60-70,000 mile lifespan this 2316 engine may be for you, especially if you like a durable engine and don’t mind spending some extra money on your go fast hobby. Since this engine has more severe duty along with programmable EFI and etc,  it does cost more but after it’s all said and done the durability and even reliability make the purchase of this engine really worth it- not to mention the power.

The cooling of this engine can be accomplished with the stock system. 

For those who want a more tame engine that isn’t quite as powerful we also offer a detuned version of the “Annihilator” we offer the 2270 SR and 2270SS, check these engines out. 

The Annihilator is a very serious engine combination that was designed especially for the 914 on Steroids. We highly recommend this engine for the serious driver who likes to push his car to the limit and we know from experience in my own car that it will take the constant abuse like a champ.

With our dyno tuning you can rest assured that the engine will arrive in the best state of tune possible and producing its peak amount of power with its best settings for the desired RPM. Each of these engines is balanced much better than stock to a tolerance of “RACE”, and benefits from all the same procedures as our larger more powerful engines, even dyno tuning. This engine is best if built from a customer’s 1.8, 1.8 or 2.0 core or even supply a core if need be.

The future “Annihilator” owner will expect to see 18-20MPG, zero-60 times increase drastically and top end performance to far out perform the capability of some complete cars! This is a serious engine, with a serious goal and it means business. I have owned one of these and can honestly say that it scared me on many occasions and that simply doesn’t happen!
If you are interested in 2316 power we’ll help you choose what you need and one thing is for sure- You’ll haul ass and LOVE IT!

NOTE: This engine IS NOT compatible with the stock EFI system! It is designed as a base for those who desire  to add a RAT developed programmable aftermarket EFI system to their engine.
Please email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to request the most up to date dyno graphs and for more details about this engine.

Dyno Graph



Price - $23,750.00
Customer Core required, if no core is supplied add $1,500.00