Jake Raby has been selected as Chief Technical Director of Vintage Volkswagen Club of America. Congratulations Jake!

ANNOUNCEMENT: The VVWCA is excited to announce that Jake Raby founder of Raby Engine Development is joining our team as Chief Technical Director. Mr. Raby is a VW & Porsche engine specialist that started working with VW engines at an early age. He is owner and founder of Raby’s Aircooled Technology, (VW & Porsche Aircooled engine specialty engine company) Flat 6 Innovations (Porsche watercooled engine building & development company), and The Knowledge Gruppe (a technical training company that trains both enthusiasts and professional technicians). Mr. Raby is an inventor, and holds 5 US Patents, all for Porsche engine components, tools, and procedures. As part of his role, Mr. Raby will write articles for our Vintage Voice and provide technical information for members. Jake’s technical writings, and assistance have added a powerful tool for the VVWCA members. Thanks, Eric Goodman, President.