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I hope that you enjoy the Aircooled Technology Newletter that we have prepared for you. We have more in the works here at Aircooled Heaven than ever before and I felt it was time to emerge from the camouflage for a bit of an update.


Please feel free to contact us via email or phone with your questions concerning the contents of this newsletter. I have decided to sell some of the items I have been hoarding for years and you’ll find those below in the email at the online Yard Sale tab.


Coming in December is a Raby Development announcement that you don’t want to miss.. Those of you who know me personally probably won’t believe it… Keep your eyes peeled for the December newsletter!


I greatly appreciate the purchasers of our products who made 2010 the best year on record for Raby Engine Development and I am pleased to announce that we have already surpassed the 2010 numbers with figures from 2011!
Jake Raby
Founder, President
Raby Engine Development 


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The Fastest Joker
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Technical Artlcle
Jake’s Current Projects
Online Yard Sale
The Engine Guardian!
Sync-Link Throttle Linkage
Raby Sport FIVE transaxle
Featured Ride- Jack Crosby’s Speedster


The Fastest Joker….

The Fastest Joker… 5.70@119 MPH

Lee Street Pilots the Aircooled Technology prepared “Fastest Joker” in the 1/8 mile at Drag Nite 2011. The “Joker” Will be looking for records in 2012 with it’s new MassIVe Type 4 Based, Alcohol burning Engine!

How Complete is a RAT Turn-Key?? See this video!

Aircooled Technology Engines: 
Fire It Up In The Shipping Crate!!
The End of an Era..
Aircooled Technology Engine Kits Discontinued..
As of 1 September 2011 all Aircooled Technology efforts are now being focused on Turn-Key engines and individual components. While extremely successful; the Engine Kit program proved to cannibalize the increasingly hard to find and produce quality components from the Turn-Key division and due to this we have chosen to terminate it from the product offerings for 2012 and beyond. After 12 years the program was put to bed with a flawless reputation.


Raby Engine Development and Joe Gibbs Racing have partnered to produce the ultimate in protection for your aircooled engine...

The result of two years of development this hi performance engine oil has previously only been available to the owners of Aircooled Technology Turn-Key engines. That all changes in January 2012 as the formulation becomes available to the masses! Check out that Aircooled Technology seal of approval right on the Joe Gibbs label!

Featured Technical Article

Want to see what happens when an Aircooled Technology Engine is ruined during installation? Follow this link for an illustration of how total catastrophe was narrowly avoided with an Aircooled Technology Engine recently.



 Aircooled Technology Project Vehicle Updates

Here at Aircooled Technology we are all VW and Porsche enthusiasts. Here are a few updates on 3 of Jake’s vehicles:

The 1968 Double Cab

was completed in June 2011 just prior to the Aircooled Assault here at Aircooled Technology.

The 2.8 liter, 215HP MassIVe Type 4 engine complete with RAT programmable EFI system coupled to a Porsche 923, 5 Speed Transaxle has proven to be an awesome combination. At the Aircooled Assault the MassIVe Double Cab laid down a whopping 172 HP at the rear wheels on the Aircooled Technology Dynojet chassis dyno.

MassIVe Double Cab 
on the rollers at Aircooled Assault 2011

 Netting cylinder head temperatures of less than 325F and fuel consumption figures that peak at a whopping 28 MPG I would say that the design of this vehicle’s drive system was el perfecto! Since June the Double Cab has logged 3,000 trouble-free daily driver miles terrorizing the hills of North Georgia with unreal acceleration!

The 64′ Porsche 356 Outlaw

is currently receiving a coat of Glasurit Azure Blue at our paint shop. 

The 220HP, 2.4 Liter “Outlaw” engine is based on the MassIVe Type 4 platform and features Nickies cylinders, LE 200 cylinder heads and 48mm Dellorto Carburetors. Once complete this Outlaw is certainly going to turn heads and change the minds of those who spend thousands of dollars more to net 1/2 the torque and HP when using the 356 based engine Vs. the MassIVe 4. This vehicle will be the test bed for our bolt in RS FIVE transaxle. 220HP, a safe redline of over 7,200 and 200 lb/ft of torque and all with a focus on being a reliable daily driver. Awesome!

Jake’s ’76 912E has been off the road since July of 2010 for a mechanical restoration and is all complete and ready for another 160,000 miles of service! From September of 2002- 2010 the MassIVe engine provided 160K stone reliable miles of daily driving service. The engine was reconstructed as an elective procedure as it still ran strong!

The new MassIVe engine features all RAT composition coupled to an Electromotive TEC EFI system. With the complete drivetrain, suspension, brakes and many other enhancements completed this is sure to be a sweet driver!

See the teardown of the 160,000 mile 2056cc Aircooled Technology engine here. High Mileage Teardown

 On-Line Yard Sale

We have gathered too many goodies and its time to move them out. These range from a partially restored ’71 Super Beetle Convertible to various crankshafts, connecting rods and Turbo kits left over from our R&D department.
Here is a short list with some prices, email us for details.
* 71 Super Vert- Fresh Paint, very sound needs reassembly
Steal it @ 4500.00!!
* Type 4 Turbo Blow Through Kit- Never used, with Turbonetics Turbo, waste gate and blow off valve
*Type 1, 2165cc Engine, 180HP
Type 1, 88X96.9 2.6 Liter “Nickies” engine- Full Race 300+HP
* Type 2 “091” Transaxle highly modified
*Carrillo 5.5 Connecting rods, Chevy Journal, 22 pin
Pauter 5.00″ 1.7/1.8 Race Rods
LN Engineering 1.7/1.8 Race Rods (billet, brand new)

Solex 40 P11 Race Prepped Carburetors


Dellorto 40mm Carburetors

Near new, prepped by Art Thraen-used on RAT race engine only, run perfect!




Raby Engine Development

47 Raby Drive
Cleveland, Georgia 30528

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Coming Soon: The Engine Guardian

An Innovation Of Raby Engine Development

Guard your investment! The Engine Guardian, developed by Raby Engine Development (patent pending), is an engine failure warning system that constantly monitors camshafts, lifters and the most common modes of engine failure. 

Complete Engine Guardian System includes the Magnetic Chip Detector, Warning Interface and wiring harness to create a stand alone system. (Optional warning buzzer also shown but not included in base kit)

Whether on the street or track the Magnetic Chip Detector (MCD) based technology used in military aircraft for decades; will detect and capture the metal debris resulting from wear, metal fatigue and deterioration from all ferrous components within your engine. 

 When a specified amount of material is collected, the driver is alerted with both visible and audible warnings. The multi-function warning switch is designed for unobtrusive installation within your vehicle’s interior and will alert the driver to the earliest signs of debris generation, guarding against further damage.

The Engine Guardian Warning Indicator illuminates when imminent engine problems are occurring. The Press To Test feature allows the driver to test the sensor, circuitry and warning switch for proper function.

 The easy to install system includes an application specific oil sump plate for either Type 1 and Type 4 based engines and incorporates a feature that allows the circuit to be tested from the dash with the touch of the “press to test” warning switch. 


Why chance an unknown camshaft, lifter or other failures that can destroy components within you’re engine?

Pre-Order your Engine Guardian today from Raby Engine Development for december 2011 delivery. or 706.219.4874 Price: 184.95


Early Warning= Engine Failure Avoidance 

Ferrous Magnetic Material generated by a lost camshaft and Lifter combination is sensed by the Engine Guardian MCD Sensor. 

A lost camshaft lobe is a common occurrence today as engine oils are robed of their most crucial elements for wear protection. Had this engine been equipped with the Engine Guardian the collateral damage experienced by the engine that lost this camshaft could have been avoided. This failure cost an 8,000.00 engine it’s life.


 The Engine Guardian is also applicable to transaxles, future products include a modular system for both engine and transaxle failure detection! The Engine Guardian is in the early implementation stages of NASCAR applications and will first be used in evaluation equipment and later in engines, transmissions and final drive assemblies!




“Sync-Link” Throttle Control Systems Now Available In Limited Quantities…

Say goodbye to the “Hex-Bar Blues” Forever! The “Sync-Link” throttle control system is the first commercially available cable linkage system for VW and Porsche Air-Cooled engines.


 Exclusively available from Raby Engine Development, this system utilizes cables to actuate the throttle plates of your Weber or Dellorto Carburetors installed onto your Type 4 or Type 1 VW engine. The system is easy to install and simpler to adjust and tune than any other system previously available.

Priced at 279.95

Welcome the Raby Sport FIVE Transaxle!

Now accepting orders for the first batch of Raby Sport FIVE transaxles (limited to 6 units). These transaxles are available for all VW Type 1(all years) and Type 2 (pre-67) applications as well as Porsche Repli-cars that utilize VW drivetrains.

Due to limited production of these transaxles, we require purchase of the RS FIVE transaxle be coupled to a serialized Aircooled Technology Engine. The potential buyer may also be a member of our turn-key wait list for an engine delivery at the time the transaxle order is placed.
Priced at 4,695.00 (No core required)
Please email us at for more details
(Not available for Porsche 912, 914 or VW Type 2 Post 67. Porsche 356 version still under development)

Featured Ride…..



Jack and Alice crosby enjoy touring the USA in their Porsche Speedster Replica. Jack (aka “Iron Butt” in the repli-car world) is known for driving across the USA when given any reason to do so. Jack’s Speedster is a fine machine and his enthusiasm for the vehicle make it the “Featured Ride” for this newsletter issue. See below for Jack’s Testimonial.


Dear Jake, I wanted to write and give you an update on the wonderful Type IV you created for me to replace the anemic Type I one based engine had in my Vintage Porsche Speedster.

As you remember the two main reasons for upgrading to your engine were first, dependability and second, performance.

My oil temp is always 180 and the head temp never goes over 300.  So many Type I owners are always very concerned about overheating they experience and this is a non-issue with your combo design and the robustness thats built into the Type 4 engine.


As far as dependability, I have put almost 9,000 miles on my car in just three trips;  to Morro Bay, CA from Hot Springs, AR and back plus two round trips to the annual Carlisle PA event  and with zero issues or, as you call it, “Unscheduled maintenance”  How’s that for dependability! Since the install I have put over 9,000 miles on it counting trips and local driving.

 In the performance department you exchanged my 75 HP 1915cc Type I with a fire-breathing 2,143cc 140HP Type IV. I commonly run 75-80 MPH on interstates getting 25 MPG for hours on end. Since the engine’s size is almost the stock 2 liters, it is not stressed at all and should go many many miles before needing any attention. Type 1 owners don’t believe this is possible.


Your “over the top” support and the way you stand behind your work has been great and your patience with this ‘newbie” has been much appreciated.  My expectations were sky high and you exceeded them in every way.  Thanks, Jake


Jack Crosby

Hot Springs, AR

Avoid Engine Bay Fires??


Jake Raby is at it again; developing a new system to help avoid these fires that can create a total loss of your vehicle in just a few minutes time. More details in upcoming newsletters!