Conversion Engines For Porsche 356


Install MassIVe power without cutting or permanently modifying your 356. Using our specially configured 356 conversion engines; featuring our DTM cooling system and proprietary conversion flywheel, and clutch assembly you can convert to Raby power in just a single weekend.

Face it… the original engine in your 356 was designed so long ago that it doesn’t even feature camshaft bearing inserts! That means even a “VW Engine” is more technologically advanced!

 Over the past few years, the 356 application has become our most popular conversion platform for the Raby Engine conversion. Also known as the “Porsche 914 engine” is by far the absolute best way to go for the 356 enthusiast that wants more power, better reliability, a more usable power band or just a lot of drivability and torque FOR THE 356 THAT THEY INTEND TO DRIVE. For the same cost as the stock engine rebuild for the 356 engine we can create a 150+HP Type IV engine and make the engine bolt right to your STOCK 741 transaxle. It’s this simple…. Just remove your complete, original 356 engines and preserve it… Then slide in your complete, 150+ HP Raby Conversion Engine and drive away..

 There is NO CUTTING REQUIRED AND NO IRREVERSIBLE MODIFICATION MADE TO YOUR 356!!! This is by far the most economical way for people that actually drive their 356 to maximize their investment, especially considering that 160HP costs you the same as the factory 70-90 HP and yet again, the car is not compromised at all.. The Porsche 914 engine was also used in the 911 bodied, 912E in 1976 which makes it the newest. most advanced aircooled 4 cylinder engine ever used to power a Porsche. As the world of automobiles finds newer engine foundations at home in the vintage cars of yesterday our engine conversion makes a lot of sense.

 From Jake:

I chose Porsche 914 power for my 1964 Porsche 356C for the same reasons that you should.. Porsches are for driving and not for looking at. I didn’t feel like building a “hotrod” 356 based engine only to spend 20,000.00 so I could be passed by someone in a beetle equipped with a VW engine. I chose my 2,430cc Performer engine for my 356C and I am quite happy with the 220HP that it developed on my engine dyno. The best part is people know my engines and respect them so well that the installation of this engine has increased the desirability of my 356 and at the same time it really gets the attention of the purists driving around with 75HP while we blister by them running cooler engine temperatures, getting better MPG and doing so with a unique exhaust note with many more “smiles per mile”.

I applied my MassIVe engine because I wanted to drive my car, wanted it to be powerful and because it needed to remain reliable. Spending more money on a weaker engine that is difficult to attain even 140HP from, where every component that’s purchased is at least 45 years old just didn’t make a lot of sense to me. I have built numerous “hotrod” 356 engines and the last one cost 25,500.00 to attain only 160HP with 135 lb/ft of torque. This alone was enough reason for me to not even consider retaining 356 power for my ’64C because my engine makes 135 lb/ft of torque by 2,000 RPM. The 356 engine was pulled from my car, placed in a large wooden crate and preserved, just the way yours should be.. Heck have it detailed and make a piece of art for your garage from it. I also chose my engine because I practice what I preach and won’t sell you anything that I don’t believe in enough to utilize in my own vehicle.

 I would agree with some purists that state the use of “any other engine” in a 356 is “blasphemy” IF the use of my conversion engine required permanent alteration of the vehicle. Since my engine is a bolt in that installs just like a factory engine there is no “blasphemy” involved and for the first time you can “have your cake and eat it too”.

Jake Raby

 Sitting inside the engine bay of this 356A is a 2270cc MassIVe Type 4 and if you look close that “stock appearing” engine is actually equipped with a DTM cooling system in V2 trim!
Decklid closed on this 2270cc equipped Porsche 356, he threw away his 1600 and installed our 2270 with 160HP!
The Type IV conversion requires none of the parts from your original engine, so it can be “pickled” and stored to sell with the car later to retain its value. A 356 with a Type IV engine built our way is great in traffic, back roads and literally HAULS ASS when you want to. If you don’t drive like a maniac, that’s fine because the Type IV is also very docile and torque filled which makes it easy to poke around town with. The Type IV is a much more modernly designed engine and gets better MPG, and lasts longer than even a stock 356 engine because it is super heavy duty. With our Type IV engine, equipped with our DTM cooling system the engine will bolt right to your transaxle, it will look like it belongs there and the engine only gains 15 pounds over a stock 356 engine! Speaking of “looks”, our engines doesn’t look like a Porsche engine, or a VW. It looks like what it is, a Raby engine…. Install one, and respect will follow you!

Note that the 356 below is outfitted with a Raby Engine Conversion and features modern air conditioning. With the MassIVe engine, you can have your cake and eat it too!

How about building your own “Bad Egg” Like John Barrett’s Outlaw equipped with Raby MassIVe power!

This beautiful 1963 356 “Outlaw” owned by John Barrett features our 2270cc Type IV engine. As you can see, the Type IV looks right at home in the engine bay of a 356.
Beautifully detailed 2270cc MassIVe Type 4 that looks like an OEM 1600cc 356 engine. Under there is a DTM and 160HP!
2270cc Type 4 powered Porsche 356A at the Dana Pointe Concourse featuring the engine pictured above

Dear Jake,
I can’t tell you how pleased and impressed I am with my new engine! The sound , performance, torque and reliability of the 2270cc type 4 engine is unbelievable! I can’t imagine why anyone would even consider rebuilding their engine when there are options like your type4 engine are available. The skilled and efficient team at Raby Enterprises was a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend them.

I will be happy for you to use me as a very satisfied customer reference.
Thank you again
John Barrett

If you’d like to gain information about the Raby Engine Conversion possibilities for your Porsche 356, please submit a support ticket, and our staff will promptly respond with more information and schedule a phone consultation with me to fully detail the conversion. 
Jake Raby