Porsche 912

2056 DP/912  2270 SR/912

Porsche 912 and the Type IV:
Create your own “912E” with your early 912!
This page is dedicated to the 1969 and earlier Porsche 912. If you are the owner of a 1976 Porsche 912 E please see that page on our navigation bar for information.
The Porsche 912 is a great vehicle to outfit with one of our MassIVe engines! The appeal of the 912 suggests that it’s a 911, but the engine just doesn’t do it all the justice it deserves.


Here at Aircooled Technology, we no longer offer engines based on the original Porsche 616 “912” engine. Our focus is on the application of the Porsche 914/4 engine featuring some conversion and efficiency boosts that allow it to easily be BOLTED into your pre-1969 Porsche 912 with no modification to the vehicle. None!


The reality is that in the modern world we can provide a 150HP 914/4 based performance engine outfitted for daily service and reliability for the same cost or less than a 90HP 616 engine! The conversion is carried out with a mix of VW, Porsche and Aircooled Technology specific components.


The wise 912 owner will realize that he can pull the original 616 engine that’s tired and in need of a 18-20K stock low HP high dollar rebuild and “pickle it” for a later date when the car is more valuable with it’s original, matching numbers engine. This is capable with a Raby conversion engine as NONE of the 616 engine components are necessary for the MassIVe engine conversion.
The Porsche 912 is a great vintage vehicle and has sufficient power to keep up with today’s traffic in most instances. The cars handle great, but are a tad bit heavier than the earlier 356 which shares virtually the same engine.

The 912 shares one major con in the engine department with the 356, and that’s with cost Vs. Horsepower and reliability. In times past we have offered 356/912 engine rebuilds and due to the high priced hard to get engine parts, it is not uncommon for a stock 356/912 engine to cost over 10-14,000.00 to be done right in the 21st century; while our engine rivals this it also makes at least 50HP more than any OE 616 engine!

Enter the 4th dimension- Add TIV power to your 912
Porsche chose the VW TIV engine for use in the 914 and 912E!

Yes, you heard right……it is possible to install a VW Type 4 engine into your 912 for LESS than rebuilding your stock engine! Our MassIVe DTM converts the “Pancake style” TIV engine to an upright engine, and allows the install quickly and easily! With the 912 you have an engine bay that will accommodate a 6 cylinder engine. If you choose to do the conversion with our upright kit, you will gain efficiency, and ease of maintenance.

Imagine having 150 HP of reliable performance at the turn of the ignition. You can have your cake and eat it too! And all for less or equal the cost of rebuilding your stock engine. Heck, its even possible with the TIV engine to install air conditioning to that same engine, and never know it’s turned on! That’s what we can get you with the same cost as a stock 80HP 616 engine!

With a TIV power plant of any size you can enjoy tremendous torque, and excellent fuel economy, while keeping super reliability! Choosing TIV power for the 912 is a wise move in every direction, from reliability to parts acquisition to cost and every other aspect.
Here are the facts….
With our MassIVe DTM cooling system it is possible to remove your stock engine, in its entirety. The stock engine can be stored for originality purposes, so when you sell the car you have maintained its originality. When fitting the TIV power plant you will not need any of the stock 912 engine parts for the conversion, so your original engine can be put in safe keeping for later.

The TIV engine with the MassIVe DTM cooling system and our conversion modified flywheel will slide directly into your 912-901 gearbox. The installation also DOES NOT REQUIRE ANY CUTTING OF YOUR 912 OR MACHINING OF THE TIV ENGINE!!!
Since the 912 and the 914 that your new Raby engine was derived from both share the 901/02 transaxle from the factory, trust that the integration of the engine and transaxle will be seamless. Your 912 transaxle may benefit from gearing alterations, which we can chat about in the phone consultation you’ll be scheduling with me soon after reading this information.

When the TIV is converted with a MassIVe DTM shroud this is the end result- A reliably powerful engine! If you want one of our complete MassIVe conversion engines that can make 160BHP with a few modifications and a dose of our “attention. With the TIV added displacement does not cost reliability or longevity decreases when done the correct way with a proven recipe.

The TIV engine (of pretty much any displacement) is great in town, or on the highway, so the character of the 912 is enhanced by the addition of the “Factory Big Block” The Type IV!
Being able to have 150HP (performance,2270cc) engine that idles like stock in town and gets 30 MPG, while having a rev capability of 7,000RPM (with performance engines) is absolutely amazing. It really pushes the 912 at any speed, and power is virtually on demand with the vehicles gearing.

The installation of the engine into your vehicle is easy, it installs just like a standard 912 engine, in most cases can be done in about the same amount of time. The 912 has a larger engine bay and the engine will slip right in, with NO CLEARANCE ISSUES.
One of the best parts of our cooling system is that the engine does not look like a 356, 911, or a TI, it looks like something many people have never seen, and that will separate you at car shows and events. The MassIVe DTM has a hint of a nostalgic look, and some people will confuse it with the factory 356/912 engine. I have even had folks think that a converted engine was a 547- 4 Cammer!!! (AKA Carrera engine) and the best part is my engine makes more power than the 4 cam!

With our shroud and a TIV the engine won’t be needing much more than a wipe down, because it simply won’t be breaking any longer- It’s a Raby Engine!
So in one sentence I’ll sum it up… 

Add 40-50BHP to your 912, do it easily, and do it for the same or less than rebuilding the factory engine to stock Specifications!

At Aircooled Technology we have been able to create daily driver engines based on our platform that perform at a level on the street to be driven to an Autocross event while trailering their race tires behind them only to achieve top time of the day when competing against modern Porsches and then driven home.

I Love 912s, and I Love my 912E…..make your car a 912E and do what I do with mine….Drive it 160,000 miles in eight years and only open the decklid to show off what you have got, that “THEY” don’t!

Some may lead you to believe that outfitting your Porsche with a “VW Engine” isn’t smart, but remind them that your engine is a Raby Engine, based on the engine used in the Porsche 914/4 and the Porsche 912E. If it ever was a “VW Engine” it certainly isn’t when it leaves the hands of Aircooled Technology.

-Jake Raby