Porsche 356 2430 Performer


Install MassIVe power without cutting or permanently modifying your 356. Using our specially configured 356 conversion engines; featuring our DTM cooling system and proprietary conversion flywheel, and clutch assembly you can convert to Raby power in just a single weekend.

Face it… the original engine in your 356 was designed so long ago that it doesn’t even feature camshaft bearing inserts! That means even a “VW Engine” is more technologically advanced!


2270 RT and other motors. Product Options:

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  • The largest RAT 356 engine available. Just because its big doesn’t mean it lacks drivability
  • 215HP, 200 lb/ft of torque and all below 6,500 RPM.
  • well- mannered high-performance engine that has power everywhere and boasts insane acceleration on demand.
  • Requires our modified Porsche 741 transaxle, RAT RS Five conversion or 901 conversion.
  • The 2430cc Performer can be specifically outfitted for Carburetors or EFI.
  • This engine comes complete with DTM V2 cooling system, conversion flywheel and etc and is 100% ready to install.
  • All 356’s outfitted with this engine must be converted to 12 volt electrical systems.
  • This is the engine fitted to Jake Raby’s 1964 Porsche 356 C Outlaw

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EFI $24,500.00, Carbureted $21,500.00