Porsche 912 2056 DP/912


The Porsche 912 is a great vehicle to outfit with one of our MassIVe engines! The appeal of the 912 suggests that it’s a 911, but the engine just doesn’t do it all the justice it deserves.
Here at Aircooled Technology, we do not offer engines based on the original Porsche 616 “912” engine. Our focus is on the application of the Porsche 914/4 engine featuring some conversion and efficiency boosts that allow it to easily be BOLTED IN to your pre-1969 Porsche 912 with no modification to the vehicle.
The reality is that in the modern world we can provide a 150HP 914/4 based performance engine outfitted for daily service and reliability for the same cost or less than a 90HP 616 engine! The conversion is carried out with a mix of VW, Porsche and Aircooled Technology specific components.
The wise 912 owners will realize that he can pull the original 616 engine thats tired and in need of a 10-14K stock low HP high dollar rebuild and “pickle it” for a later date when the car is more valuable with it’s original, matching numbers engine. This is capable with a Raby conversion engine as NONE of the 616 engine components are necessary for the MassIVe engine conversion.

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  • The 2056 DP/912 is a lower performance, exceptionally well-mannered engine solution for the 912 owners that wishes to run Type 4 power and isn’t looking for monumental 911 speed capabilities.
  • A true “Daily Driver”.
  • This engine makes 125HP and 130 lb/ft of torque.
  • This engine has a focus on excellent drivability.
  • The engine combination used to create this engine is very similar to that featured in this feature article High Mileage 2056