Porsche 912E 912 2056 “E”


The 1976 Porsche 912E was a one-year-only vehicle produced to be an alternative to the 911 enthusiast that wanted a cheaper and more simple vehicle. There are many stories of why Porsche did this, and basically, I don’t care why they did it! The minute I saw a 911 body with my most favorite engine from the factory, the type 4- I wanted one!

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The first of the engines I designed is compatible with the 912Es unique fuel injection system. The German word “Einspritzung” is where the “E” in 912E originated. The EFI system on the 912 is a mixture of 914 and VW Bus “D” and “L” jet componentry and is unique in its self. This system is still intact on many 912Es and is a great system. The stock EFI system is great for driver friendliness but suffers as age starts to take effect on its parts. Some of the parts for the EFI system were only used on the 912E and are absolutely obsolete in new or used form. The engine I have developed uses the stock EFI system and maximizes it.

Due to the characteristics of the factory 912 EFI system, very few modifications in Horsepower can be SAFELY made to the 912E fuel injected engine without risk of leaning the engine out and causing problems.

With the 912s weight, all that is needed is a few more ponies and an increased powerband. The wider powerband delivers better power, and increase fuel economy, as well as acceleration and top end speed.The 2056E version is an engine that has proven that with a cam change, 2mm increase in bore size, and slightly increased compression ratio that the engine can develop 12-15over the factory HP rating and still live just as long, if not longer than a stock engine AND EVEN RUN COOLER in most cases.The major difference is the broad powerband that the engine delivers its power through. This is a bigger performance upgrade than the added 10 extra ponies at the HP peak, as most driving is done at 4,000RPM or below.

The weakest part of any TIV engine is the cylinder heads, especially the stock 2.0 914 heads that came on the 912E. All our engines receive head modifications with our LE 180 cylinder heads being used as a standard upgrade. The LE180 CNC heads on the 912E flow nicely for this size engine so port work is not needed..The heads are the most important part of the 912E/914-4 engine.

If you want the ultimate “Einspritzung” engine for your 912E, without a doubt this is the one. I choose not to disclose any specs internally, they took too long to perfect and way too much trial and error testing to get right. If you choose our service for your 912E it will receive the best balance and blueprint work and will receive a thorough workout on our dyno as well.

Due to the uniqueness of the 912E powerplant, we MUST receive your complete core 912E engine to include exhaust and full fuel injection system to be able to create an engine for your car.