VW Type 1 2270 American


At Aircooled Technology we don’t create engines based on Type 1, 1600cc platform; what we do create are superior engines that seamlessly integrate (100% bolt in arrangement with NO CUTTING of the car!) into your Type 1 VW application that is based on the robust “Type 4 ” platform. The Type 4 engine is bigger, stronger and more powerful than the 1600 base engine and transforms your car into a unique character.


2270 RT and other motors. Product Options:

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The 2270 “American” is comprised of 100% MADE IN USA performance components!

  • This 185HP 2270cc engine making 190 lb/ft of torque is the only RAT 2270 engine that has the possibility of being equipped with EFI.
  • 2270 American uses a RAT roller camshaft and lifters coupled to RAT EFI and RAT single plug Direct Ignition.
  • Outfitted with specially prepared LE 200+ cylinder heads this is the most potent 2270cc RAT street engine ever offered in a standardized form.