At Raby’s Aircooled Technology, we ship a numerous amount of engines each year. Shipping engines is routine business for us and we are very proficient at it.

Don’t be concerned with shipping hassles or costs. My team will handle all the required logistics for you from start to finish. Whether you are shipping your core engine to us, or we are shipping your RAT Engine to you, it’s easy and cost effective. Your new engine arrives crated and ready to be installed.

We ship engines both in the US and internationally. International customers scroll to the bottom of this page for info.

A pair of 2.7 liter monsters being shipped to their new homes in California.

This Raby-built MassIVe Conversion Type IV is being prepped for shipment to its new home in Singapore.

Over 95% of our customers are not located within driving distance from our shop, so we rely heavily on shipping companies to get our raw products and parts to us, as well as getting the complete, new engine, transaxle, or complete “Powertrain package” to its new home safely and timely.

Shipping within the US, lower 48 states:

We have at least one engine in every state in America! This includes Alaska,Hawaii, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands!

Our shipping carrier for engine and transaxle shipments is NO LONGER Fed Ex Freight, for years they are one of the few carriers that we had used that had good rates, gave us a good bulk discount and had good insurance policies and ethics to make our customers feel comfortable with shipping their engine investment across country. I previously stated: “Other carriers may ship your engine for less, but we highly recommend that you use our carrier.” This is no longer the case and we no longer ship with or receive shipments from Fed Ex Freight due to their inability to meet our expectations and those of our clients.

Today we have new and even better (and more cost effective)  methods of engine shipping both to and from our facility. Further details will be provided during the initial phone chat that you’ll schedule with me.

The shipping of an engine is something that some customers may fear, but many customers actually benefit from purchasing their engine from us, and having it shipped, rather than buying locally. Most customers from the continental US save money that would normally be spent on local sales tax. Our state does not require sales tax on items shipped out of state. Most  customers can have the engine shipped for 1/2 the normal sales tax amount if bought locally, especially in states that have higher sales tax percentages. Because of this it is possible to spend the same money for an even better engine by purchasing it from us and having it shipped!

In most instances, we can have any engine shipped with insurance for less than $300-500 US dollars to most non rural areas within the US. Some customers that are off the beaten path for shipping may incur more expense, and in times of fuel increases the shippers charge more. Shipping varies just like gas prices do, so we cannot guarantee any figures on costs involved. The engine normally arrives in 3-4 working days from date of shipment. For those that don’t look for full insurance on their new engine, lower shipping rates are a reality, sometimes even less than 300.00.


Our method of crating is different than most. We first start with a heavy duty 37″x37″x28″ box and use steel and nylon straps to secure the engine (some may vary due to engine type and size, Pinzgauer & 911 engines are much larger and require a bigger crate). The pallet is then equipped with 3/8″ plywood sides and top to make a secure shipping container. One of my family members builds these crates for us and we have never had one come apart in shipping, and never had an insurance claim on an engine!


Even though we are located in the mountains of Northeast Georgia, far away from the West coast, many of our customers are from California and the Pacific Northwest. There is a very high concentration of VW and Porsche owners in these regions and due to our high shipping volumes to those areas we get better rates with our shipper and pass them on if possible. Some customers are very reserved about doing business with a company from the Internet that they have no way of actually seeing before the purchase. I highly suggest that you do a search on, and any search engine for the key words “Jake Raby”, “Aircooled Technology”, or “Massive Type IV” and you will get plenty of feedback that should help you to see that we are real, not “Fly by night” and deliver what we say, when we say, consistently. Also check out our customer testimonials as some customers have released their email addresses so others can network with them- That’s how happy they are about what we created just for them!

International Shipments:

If you are interested in a complete engine from us, but are in another country- its no problem. We have a high concentration of engine in the UK, as well as many other countries in Europe and Asia. Matter of fact, we have at least one engine on every continent, except Antarctica! The highest concentration of customers internationally is in Asia, and the UK, they are our bigger markets.

Our shipper for international shipments varies due to location of the recipient. We have customers from as far as Singapore, Australia, New Zealand and of course Europe and Asia whosource their specially prepared engine from us. Shipping is not an issue.

Don’t let miles separate you from the engine that you want, and deserve. Shipping is easy, and may actually save you money.

Every engine is different and rates change daily, so please don’t ask us for an accurate shipping quote for your engine as it will definitely change during the period of time that is required for your engine to be created. Accurate shipping quotes can only be gathered within 10 days of actual engine shipping-

Please add $175.00 for high quality crating of any engine.

Jake Raby
“Excellence in Research”