First off, thank you for choosing to read a bit about me. If you are even remotely interested in our services and products I recommend that you read these pages, as well as the other pages linked to this bio page. I am the person responsible for this site, this business, our way of thinking and ultimately your engine. The more you know about me the easier it will be for you to see if I’m the person who you want to build your next engine.

Here I am the boss, the machinist, the balance technician, and the guy that dreams up the combinations and finds the odd parts. I don’t do all this work myself, but I do have an excellent staff that I trust to do the job as well or better than I can personally. Just like any business owner, I get here before everyone else and I leave here several hours after the last employee walks out the door. My days fly by and it seems as if I get nothing done- some days I don’t!