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Transporter (Bus) 1968-71

1968-71 Busses

These require a little more work. In 1968 VW did a weird thing: they removed the transaxle supports from a Bus (aka framehorns). When they did this, they added a support to the rear of the engine, sometimes called a “moustache bar”. This moustache bar holds all the weight and rotational force, as well as vibration from the entire engine and transaxle combination.

This makes for the hardest conversion for a TIV powerplant as the installer must fabricate a mount that will be strong enough to provide suport for both the engine and transaxle and make it clear the exhaust system.The conversion is the only one that we have actually never attempted here at our shop, so I have no first hand experience with it. I have sold several engines to those doing the conversion themselves and have learned a lot while trying to brainstorm with them on the idea and way to make it work effectively. A really good addition is to add a 72-74 bus bellhouse which is set up for the TIV engine from the factory, the installer can add some small mounts to the chassis of the bus and use the factory mounts on top of the 72-74 bellhouse to help hold some of the load and rotation of the engine/trans combination. The rear engine mount can be fabricated with some stock Type IV engine mount pieces, and some welding time, the main requirement is thought. The earlier 68-71 Bus gearboxes also share the same problem as the Type I does, with the input shaft being a little too short for the conversion, but this is easily remedied with the conversion flywheel (modified stock vw part) that we will talk about later. If you want Type IV power and you have a 68-71 Bus, it will take you a little more work, but it can be done and is well worth it.

Our MassiVe DTM shrouds will also work in these applications and will help keep the engine temperatures under control, while increasing the ease of maintenance of the engine.

The 1968- 71 Buses can be fitted with our “Camper Special” engine, utilizing our DTM cooling system. These simple engines create 120HP and offer a flat torque curve. Power, cool running, and great reliability & longevity are the traits for these engines.