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Rails and Buggies

Rail Buggies / Sand rails / Manx applications

Back when Joe first started his production of the DTM shroud, that we now call our MassIVe DTM he installed them primarily into dune buggies, and sand rails for use in the Oregon wilderness. Off road applications are hard on vehicles and and engines. Joe took that into perspective when designing the DTM arrangement. For instance should an offroad glitch require the shroud to be removed, it can be simply by removing a single spring and sliding the oil cooler out of the housing. This keeps dirt and debris out of the lines that would normally otherwise be open for anything to contaminate.

A sandrail with 32+” tires realy needs the huge torque of a TIV engine, just like a heavy application would. The tire sizes increase the load on the engine. With a MassIVe DTM these loads are not an issue, it’ll cool anyway!

For applications that will not see off road types of abuse, the DTM and a TIV is still an awesome choice for engine/cooling system. Most sandrails and Manx buggies weigh less than 1200 pounds. Take a 1200 pound buggy, add a TIV engine making just 120BHP and you easily have a vehicle that can be driven in any type of application, and be a reliable rocket ship!

If you have a Buggy, then you also need a MassIVe DTM for it and the matching engine too. Our MassIVe DTM shroud kits will fit into the buggy and will do so without any cutting/welding required. The shroud installs onto the engine quickly and easily. This is especially true if you opt for our deluxe kit with all new TI cooling parts.

The installation of the engine into your vehicle is easy, it installs just like a standard Type 1 engine with dual carburetors and in most cases can be done in about the same amount of time. With the rail/ buggy there is plenty of space to get around the engine.

Currently there are only a few exhaust systems for the TIV conversion. In a sand rail we are working on getting several of these imported and offering them as well.

The conversion engine will need to be fitted with Dual Carburetors, or a Fuel injection system that uses twin throttle bodies with hex bar linkage. The design of the shroud does not allow the use of a single carburetor. Single carburetors on large engines like the TIV have been proven to be inefficient, so this is not an issue with most conversion enthusiasts.

One of the best parts of our cooling system is that the engine does not look like a 911, or a TI, it looks like something many people have never seen, and that will separate you at car shows and events.

Of course, if you desire your conversion engine to be designed, balanced, blueprinted assembled and thoroughly dyno tested by a professional, then see our complete conversion engines on our sister site Do it all once and forget it! See our 2270″B” or 2316″B” for the engine you really need to wake up the A buggy, that’s what we designed their combinations for!