Do our engines have a warranty?

The engines are covered by a warranty only while they are under our control, in our test cell. When the engine leaves my hands I have no control over it, and how it is driven, (or most of the time abused). While my engines are incredibly resilient to failure anything can be broken if neglected or abused. One bad tank of gas can kill my engine and has before, and that’s well outside our control.

We provide every engine with extensive dyno testing (8 solid hours on the dyno) for free to prove its integrity and if a problem exists that would be a warranty repair, we find it before it leaves the shop and it is repaired with no questions asked for free.

If there is an issue with one of our engines there is a 98% chance that we are going to find it, repair it and re-test the engine before it ever leaves our dyno cell.

Our dyno has proper instruments to data log and monitors the engine’s condition and we have the needed knowledge to spot issues before they occur. We support our products but do not depend upon a piece of paper to do so. Written warranties are worthless and are used as selling aids for those who lack a strong enough reputation to gain customers without one. Our customers want our engine, know it’s a highly developed assembly and understands the risks that come with pushing the envelope and that the engine is out of our safekeeping when it leaves my shop.

We are human and we are working with modified engines, some developed solely for maximum power potential. Failures here are very rare but do happen- anything mechanical can break at any time, despite our efforts or anyone else’s. With fuels that are questionable as well as installers that sometimes do not do as good of a job as we would failure risks are increased. These failure risks are further multiplied when an engine is partially installed without proper instrumentation or on a tight time schedule to make it to a show or race. Customer’s that follow our directives, don’t rush installs for ANY REASON and outfit their engine with proper instruments have a much better success rate with any engine, especially the aircooled engine.

I work repairs the old fashioned way, via the honor system, meaning that you tell me what happened and I MIGHT repair the engine, (within reason) and if you remain respectful and tactful. After the repairs are made we’ll settle on a fair monetary compensation for the repair according to the failure, severity of it and how long you have been its owner. As long as a customer retains their patience and respect for my schedule, myself and my team as professionals I will go above and beyond to make any issue “right”, within reason. 

Customers that become belligerent, demanding, dis-respectful or have no regard for my schedule will find themselves with less or non existent support- it’s only fair. If you are this type of person it’s best that you find another builder, as we will certainly not be compatible enough for a respectful transaction.

As you have read here, I am a straight shooter that says exactly what he wants to say and doesn’t believe in sugar coating things to make them sound better- This is why you will love doing business with me and having me create your dream engine.


Engine builders that haven’t had a failure have not built enough engines. If you call another shop and they tell you that their engines never break- you have just found a liar that thinks you are a fool, so I’d look elsewhere for an engine.

Every so often I’ll receive a phone call from a potential purchaser that states “You mean to tell me that your engine costs 20,000 dollars, takes up to one year to build and comes with no warranty?”… My response to that is “You are exactly right”
Trust in me and I’ll trust in you.
Jake Raby