The Aircooled Technology “Camper Special” is a classic offering, going back to 1998 when the first one was built. Today, that very first one is still in active service. Our ongoing Research and Development increased power output of the Camper Special by 50% over a period of 15 years, through added efficiency, performance coatings, and . More interesting is the fact that even at the elevated power output cylinder head, and oil temperatures ran the same, or less than the original Camper Special engine making 50% less power.

Today the Camper Special is a limited edition engine offering that we only build 3 of per year. Advancements in cylinder technology over the years has fitted 100% of our engines with LN Engineering Nickies cylinders, allowing the Camper Special to see reliable, and cool running displacements of 2.2 liters, while producing a flat torque curve, and 140HP, all in below 5,000 RPM. Camper Special engines are available fitted with factory EFI, our programmable EFI, or dual Dellorto carburetors. Order yours today, with prices starting at 24,500.00