The Most Advanced Aircooled Engines for Vintage VW and Porsche cars.

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Jake Raby is an American inventor, entrepreneur  and engine builder,
responsible for major breakthroughs with a plethora of Porsche and VW engines.

Conversion air-cooled engines
for vintage Porsche cars.

Conversion air-cooled engines
for vintage VW cars.

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The next generation of Aircooled Technology engines.

As 20 year throwback to first “Nickies” 2,563cc engine that was built (now living in Jake Raby’s own 1964 Porsche 356C Outlaw), we decided to bring back that combination for this very special 1 of 1 engine built for Miles Collier, and the Revs Institute.

This 210HP engine made 196 lb/ft of torque matches the tall gearing in Troutman- Barnes coach built beetle precisely. Watch as Gunnar Jeanette pilots the Revs Beetle in some test laps before handing over the keys to Miles Collier. At Raby’s Aircooled Technology, Jake Raby personally creates each engine himself, to ensure the most complete purchasing experience of a custom, hand built engine possible.

We were flattered by the invitation to provide an exceptionally designed and outfitted engine for one of the most iconic beetles of all time. Coachbuilt by Troutman- Barnes in the mid to late 1980s, this beetle was an original piece in the Miles Collier Collection, and built the way that Miles envisioned the perfect beetle.

The car would go on to be inducted into The Revs Institute, where it can be viewed today in Naples, FL alongside 550 Spyder #001, and other iconic Porsche cars. The engine originally fitted to the beetle was a famed Fuhrmann 4 Cam Carrera engine, derived from an Elva- Porsche. This 4 cam engine was found to be “too peaky” for road use, so Jake Raby, of Raby’s Aircooled Technology was enlisted to help with creating the perfect balance of performance, and drive-ability, with none other than a classic “MassIVe engine!

This beetle, and it’s 2,563cc, 210HP engine are more than a “museum pieces” as Mr. Collier has already taken the car to the track (in capable hands of Gunnar Jeanette), and has participated in rally, and other events with car, since it’s completion in 2018.

To learn more about the Raby’s Aircooled Technology powered, Miles Collier/ Revs Institute Troutman- Barnes coachbuilt beetle, click this link.

News & Updates

ANNOUNCEMENT: The VVWCA is excited to announce that Jake Raby founder of Raby Engine Development is joining our team as Chief Technical Director. Mr. Raby is a VW & Porsche engine specialist that started working with VW engines at an early age. He is owner and founder of Raby’s Aircooled Technology, (VW & Porsche Aircooled engine specialty engine company) Flat 6 Innovations (Porsche watercooled engine building & development company), and The Knowledge Gruppe (a technical training company that trains both enthusiasts and professional technicians). Mr. Raby is an inventor, and holds 5 US Patents, all for Porsche engine components, tools, and procedures. As part of his role, Mr. Raby will write articles for our Vintage Voice and provide technical information for members. Jake’s technical writings, and assistance have added a powerful tool for the VVWCA members. Thanks, Eric Goodman, President.

New to Raby’s Aircooled Technology?

We’re coupling the best components & procedures to create advanced Raby’s Aircooled Technology engines for vintage VW and Porsche. All Aircooled Technology engines are based on the robust “Type 4” engine platform, or the Porsche 356/616 engine.

Some of our builds:

Back to 2004:
2.3L RAT Engine
for Porsche 912E

RAT’s Camper Special – our timeless classic.

Make your 181 engine
a 481!

2270cc “SS”
complete engine.

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What Our Customers Say…

Dear Jake: This engine is incredible. As you know I drive a 1976 912E, and searched the country looking for an engine builder. The consensus among those who know the Type Four engine is that you are the best. I heard the same thing from my local 912E group where one of our members also as a Raby rebuild. The engine looks beautiful – in fact it looks brand new. The engine is superb! My local shop said it was the smoothest 912E they have ever run. Last week one of our local Porsche experts who races 911’s asked to drive it and came away really impressed. It is just a pleasure to drive. All good wishes,

Chris Wye, Washington DC

I’m writing you a note to let you know how happy I am with your Type IV Motor in my ’60 356 Porsche. I have a total of five 356 Porsche cars, including a ’64 Carrera II four-cam. While all of my cars have strong engines, none of them can compare to the power and torque your engine produces. It surely adds to the enjoyment of driving a 356. My ’60 with your engine is faster than my ’64 Carrera II and at a fraction of the cost of a 4 cammer– plus it is also much simpler and easier to work on.

Randy Unthank