Something to ponder:

Our engine is worthless without a properly arranged vehicle for it to be installed into; this is true with any engine. A few things that one must consider are the updates that should be made to a car that is to be outfitted with an engine with the capability of what I will create for you.

Emory Engine
Terry Fisher’s 1976 Porsche 912E with RAT engine Installation

Do we install engines?

Here at Aircooled Technology we are Designers, internalist, machinist and the creators of custom engines and drivetrain systems; but we complete engine installations of our engines as well.
Over the years I have found that the installation portion of the engine is a critical time for my engine. We do everything within our means to create a perfect engine but all of that can be ruined by a sloppy install that is not well planned or accomplished in haste, to meet a deadline or attend a car show/ race. In fact 95% of the engines that have ever had to be returned to us had suffered from a hasty, half done install by someone that either had no experience or little desire to install the engine to the best of their abilities.Further, some well- seasoned veteran installers fail to follow our directives; which causes even more problems. A large percentage of these engines were installed by PROFESSIONAL mechanics, not hobbyists!

Who is the best person to install your RAT engine?

In most cases this person is the owner of the car! I say this because this is also the person that opened his wallet to buy the best engine available and does not want to see that money wasted. The install of one of our engines is simplified because the engine comes 100% complete and pre-tuned with clutch and pressure plate installed and indexed as well as ignition and fuel systems ready for installation. We try our best to prepare our engine for install upon arrival at your home, or the shop that will be doing the work. We take care of the initial valve adjustments on the dyno and the initial oil change for you.

This removes a ton from the installer and makes it possible for 90% of our engines to be installed with no cutting and special tools, just a bit of time and patience. I have had customers from all walks of life install their own engine, this spans from Cardio-thoracic Surgeons to Lawn Care workers, both of which had never done the job before! With our conversion video the job is further simplified. On top of these videos I am also available to answer questions and concerns that may pop up because I WANT your engine to be installed just as I would do it. We supply a 70 page install/ support directive manual with each engine that includes an audio CD thats 2 hours in duration that also goes over critical points. We handle all of our sfter sales support for installations via our online support forums so your questions and our answers help build a searchable database for future generations of RAT engine installers

So yes, the normal person with a 119 piece craftsman tool set, floor jack and pair of jack stands can typically install our engine with no issues at all and don’t worry if you have never done it before because we all had to start somewhere! Heck many times a trip or two to an online forum will find someone in your area that’s also an enthusiast and most of them are more than willing to help install one of our engines or even complete the job for you in their spare time. Enthusiasts are always the best person for the job because they understand the engine and want to do the job right to keep the car on the road.

Can “My mechanic” install the engine?

Absolutely!! As long as he has an open mind and is open to our direction and instruction! And we’ll even help walk him through the process as well and make sure he understands all the pertinent information concerning the engine and its custom nature. I will also assist the customer further by screening potential installers prior to the engine being shipped from my facility to ensure the person they have chosen is up to the task at hand.

Many customers have a misconception and that’s generally that a Porsche shop is the best to complete the install of their RAT engine. This is generally not a true statement because most Porsche shops charge incredible prices and know LESS about this engine than a VW shop or enthusiast may. The Porsche shops only want to work on 911s generally and most of them are far from the best choice to install my engine.

In many instances we’d rather work with a general auto shop that will follow our directives absolutely as to work with a specialized Porsche or high end VW shop that has a closed mind or their own sets of experiences with other engines or engine providers. In lots of instances these shops have “bad habits” that we prefer not to deal with.

Perhaps the worst installer of our engines is the shop or individual who “has been doing this for 30 years” and is not open to our directives. We have had so many issues with these sorts of installers that when we hear this we now automatically expect issues with the installation.

Are there any vehicles that RAT does not work with?

Due to varying build quality we do not install engines into replicars or home built vehicles. We reserve the right to closely examine vehicles via digital photos prior to project engagement and in person, at our facility prior to our agreement to install a RAT engine into any vehicle. We reserve the right to disqualify any vehicle from our installation processes, for any reason.

Do we have recommended installers for our engines?

Yes, we do but the list is not very long at all and these really aren’t recommendations. This is because it takes one heck of a lot to impress me and not very many installers have been able to do that over the years. Most of the issues were simple but if left alone they could have been detrimental to the engine in short order. Some of these things include hooking up fuel lines incorrectly, not wiring the ignition correctly and even running oil lines where they can contact the road!

The shops you will find below are shops that are familiar with my engine and have completed this job in the past. These shops are not affiliated with Aircooled Technology in any way, they are good guys that I have worked with in the past that have direct communication with me in case they have a question.

If a shop isn’t listed here, we either haven’t worked with them, or they didn’t impress us. In short, these are not recommendations and if these people don’t meet your expectations, please don’t complain to us; because you should have shipped the car to us and ensured the engine was installed correctly!

Proformance Motoring Accessories

982 N. Batavia – B1A
Orange, CA 92867
(714) 538-5979
POC Dave Greiner

Original Customs

Mark De Benardi
Located in Napa California

Located in Northern California, Original Customs is centered in the heart the most active Volkswagen and Porsche regions in the country.
Serving customers from So Cal to Seattle and, of course, our local enthusiasts.

Blackline Racing

Salt Lake City Utah

This business was formerly owned and operated by Art Thraen, a former (and fellow) USMC Helicopter Crew Chief. A few years ago he sold the business to his crew, who have maintained his level of excellence, and have retained our trust. This team shares our desire for perfection and carries out business in the same manner that we do.

Do we have recommended installers for our engines?

Jake Raby personally carries out all engine installations at RAT.

Due to fact that the newest of cars that we create engines are now 38 years old, there are no set prices for engine installation. Installation rates are 200.00/ hr for standard install work and 245.00/ hr for specialized/ fabrication work. We do not and will not estimate any of these processes. When asked what our ballpark figure is for an installation may be we have to be honest and say that the process requires an “open checkbook”. The process takes a long as it takes and costs as much as it costs, and we will not compromise quality for cost. While this process is carried out with an “open checkbook” we do keep the customer fully updated with a fully documented process to include weekly updates concerning man hours and component expenditures. You will get your moneys worth; no matter what it “costs”.

Remember that our engine is only as good as its installation. The strict adherence to directives and recommendations for your engine must be followed for your RAT engine to live its best life in your car and provide you with incredible torque, HP and longevity! We care enough to make the recommendation, so please care enough to listen.

Jake Raby

Here are some good examples of our engine installations, all are Type 4 based and utilize our proprietary DTM cooling system.