VW Bus / Transporter (-1967)

Once again, Type IV power is a bolt in replacement. These vehicles need more power, and they can get it with a Type IV engine! The stock reduction boxes can be used with a Type IV, but it is not the best choice, as the TIV has more than double the stock torque of the Type I engine. When running TIV power the reduction boxes simply are not a needed item. VW intended them to reduce the load placed and increase RPM (for added cooling fan speeds) on the small TI engines that buses came factory with. When a TIV is added with our Awesome MassIVe DTM shroud all the cooling issues are a thing of the past.

If you have an early Bus and want more power while gaining reliability and rigidity, the Type IV is the way to go. The nice thing is that an early Bus with a Type IV power plant never needs that dreaded downshift back into the power band to climb a hill. That’s a huge plus. With a TIV powered early bus it actually can run at highway speeds on the freeway for hours at a time, it feels more like a modern car! The early bus needs a good “Kick in the pants” for today’s driving styles and the TIV completes that task with no problems at all!


Type IV Conversion

The conversion is much like the Beetle conversion as the two share the same type of transaxle case. The early bus also requires an upright conversion kit. Our MassIVe DTM Is the best choice by far, and of course, the only system that we will utilize for our engines. Our system will effectively cool the engine, even better than the stock arrangement, and does so with a unique appeal. It doesn’t look like a VW or Porsche engine- it looks like a DTM, and it looks like a Raby engine, which is what it is.. Why need to make it look like something it’s not?

If your Bus conversion will keep the original early gearbox you will only need 3 later model VW pieces (release bearing, clutch cross shaft, and a release bearing guide to bolt the TIV engine to your current gearbox. If you have a post 1971 gearbox for your reduction box elimination (not required) no conversion pieces are needed and the engine is a direct bolt up. The conversion enthusiast can opt for a conversion gearbox that’s 100% set up for the TIV engine and is ready to install. This gives better fuel economy and better torque transfer with the now larger engine. These are available both set up for reduction boxes, or without from several vendors. We can help you select the preferred gear ratios for your engine, tire size, and desired cruise speeds.

The installation of the engine into your vehicle is easy, it installs just like a standard Type 1 engine with dual carburetors and in most cases can be done in about the same amount of time. Since the rear of the early bus is removable you can slide the engine in in 5 minutes, and then bolt it up!

Currently there are only a few exhaust systems for the TIV conversion. That’s ok, as they are high quality, and effective. These exhaust systems do not incorporate standard heater boxes and fan shroud pressurized air for heat delivery are more difficult to arrange with a TIV conversion.

The best method of updating your heating system is with a “Gas heater”. These were original equipment on many VWs and a modern version is sold by Espar, check them out on Google. These are stand alone units with thermostats, and they work really, really well!

The conversion engine will need to be fitted with Dual Carburetors. The design of the shroud does not allow the use of a single carburetor. Single carburetors on large engines like the TIV have been proven to be inefficient, so this is not an issue with most conversion enthusiasts.

One of the best parts of our cooling system is that the engine does not look like a 911, or a TI, it looks like something many people have never seen, and that will separate you at car shows and events. Better than that, the damn thing just simply works…

Pricing and Ordering

Prices for our Turn Key, complete Dyno Proven engines are posted at the top of each engine offering. Select an engine package from the navigation bar on the left side of your screen then see the pricing tab for the prices of that base engine; which most of the time even includes options. See also our Engine Wizard to create your own custom engine!

Anytime that something is “Custom built” you can typically expect to both pay more (initially) for the product and also receive more from it. There is no exception to this rule with our engines here at Aircooled Technology. Our engines are created with a Pedigree that follows them everywhere they go, all over the world.

You will not find any other Engine Builder in this industry that does business the way that we do. Here we work from a Proposal basis from very specific documents that will outline the entire build and it’s cost from the very beginning. I conduct business the old fashioned way meaning I’m point blank and I’m both fair and firm. Some customers that are accustomed to today’s modern ways of doing business are taken aback by my direct way of getting to the point and getting the job done. None of them regret spending their hard earned money with my company or having me create their engine..

Here I do not believe in fine print or grey areas in contracts or misleading people with misrepresentations of what I can do for them. I try my best to be open with the customer from the first phone call all the way till the time they drive the car for the first time.

If you want my engine I will sell it to you, not someone that gets paid a commission because he is a smooth talker. As the Founder of this company I have personally sold every aircooled engine that we have created; and that will never change.

For a current price for your base engine, please see the list of applications for your vehicle, then follow those links to the detailed information which includes a general price. You can also use our Engine Wizard to build up the engine of your dreams. For all other requests please contact my Director of Operations, Jud Fink by submitting a support ticket. Jud will set you with me for all details.